monome_sum vs monomeserial still can't figure it out.

  • So, I have read through all the discussions I have seen about this, but I still feel like I am missing something. I have a first generation 128, #067 and am now trying to make a patch that is using midi protocol from the monome. So, I open Monome_sum, and/or serialosc.maxpatch, but not find a way to connect my patch to the monome via the midi options. What am I missing? How do I connect the monome to the patch? It was really easy when I would use monomeserial, but now I am confused. Thanks everyone for your help.

  • trent made this:

    monomeserial is obsolete-- i'd really suggest moving away from it entirely.

  • Thank you so much tehn. This looks great, very informative, and it was just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, before I opened the development tools, my Monome's name was showing up in both Monome_sum and monomeserial.maxpatch, but now is not being recognized by any app. It does blink when I plug it in and serialosc is up to date. I deleted the development tools and restarted my computer, to no avail. Thank you again for all your help.

  • Anyone have an idea on what is happening or what I can do?