where is MP source code?

  • I recently picked up a 128 and have been having a lot of fun with the operator MP (Meadow Physics). I was curious to look/play around with the code for it and was wondering where to find that on the github. Its not under https://github.com/tehn/aleph/tree/master/apps/bees/src/ops as I would expect.

    I thought that everything in the current release (5.5 which includes MP) would be located in the master github?

  • Thats the monome version though. There must be a version of the code that is ported to work as an operator in bees right? It would be nice to see the two versions side by side as a pattern for bringing other monome programs into bees.

  • Thanks Raja

    I think I got it, I believe its named op_cascades.c in the ops code. I just got hung up looking for a file called meadow or MP.

  • y'all beat me to it. sorry for the confusion!

  • i must also point out that the source code for the max version is completely written in javascript. the only max stuff used is for OSC and interfacing. so it ported right over to the aleph in almost no time.