• From ADDAC System (

    "New ADDAC OSX App to clean and rename SD Cards for .WAV Players, say bye bye to the old file naming convention!

    We come with good news for all .WAV Player users using OSX!

    It was reported that the good old Hidden Cleaner App does not work on Mavericks, with this in mind we thought of creating our own App to replace it and while we were at it we added the feature that this app will rename and organize all files to the naming convention so that you don't have to do it anymore!
    The console view will show you all the renaming done, so you can also track which files went to which position.

    This is our Beta version, drag an SD Card to it and it will:
    Erase all existing directories
    Erase all files not ending in .WAV
    Force Rename all .wav files to consecutive names
    Clean OSX hidden files
    Eject SD Card

    Reports/feedback is welcome!

    Here's the download link:"

    I suppose this ought to work just fine for our .WAV file-less SD cards, no?

  • It'll erase all directories and files that don't end in .WAV
    For the Aleph SD cards that will essentially mean they will be empty after treating them with this tool. So don't use it for that.
    Personally, as I have both an Aleph and an an ADDAC .WAV player, I really need to be careful about what I'm doing.

  • I'm talking purely as a replacement for the job of Hidden Cleaner App, which does not vibe with Mavericks.

  • I understand.

    Just wanted to point out that if you use it on an Aleph SD Card, the tool will completely erase it. The purpose of the ADDAC tool is to take whatever .WAV files are on an SD, rename them according to the naming convention expected by the ADDAC .WAV Player eurorack modules, and delete any other files/directories which are not a .WAV file.

    In other words: It's completely useless for an Aleph SD card.

  • Hi, I am not sure if this also works on the more recent OS X versions but I use the hidden cleaner that dadek also suggested in another thread as well. the website looks a bit weird but it works fine.

  • ...luckily, i've not had any issue with hidden cleaner on mavericks. I'll be switching to this for my '.wav' module, but i've not needed to use it for aleph cards since tehn started including the command line script thingy for transfer of files.