Anyone got any all aleph/self contained aleph scenes they'd like to share?

  • Just wondering what sort of things you've made so far that are "all aleph" with no/midi I/O or audio input required.
    attached is my first self contained scene which is a dual oscillator synth/noise box type thing (sounds kinda like a harvestman hertz donut mk.2 self patched)
    sw 0/1 - random pitch for hz0 & hz1
    sw 2 - random wave type wave0
    sw 3- random value tune0
    enc 0/1 - tuneable freq for hz0 & hz1
    en 2 - tuneable value for wave1
    en 3 - tuneable value for pm10
    (did i write this correctly? haven't written down a patch before..)

  • Just got around to try your patch. It's great! Loved playing it for the few minutes I just had in between errands. Some really nice, gnarly, fat stuff going on here. No need to buy a drone machine anymore for me! :-)

    Thanks for sharing! And yes, I believe your write-up is perfectly fine. At least I understood your patch description immediately.

  • @bkinsman - on vacation now but when i get back home this is the first thing i'm going to try before unpacking or anything else! thanks for sharing it!!!

  • @bkinsman finally got around to using your scene. its quite fun. i was trying to add grid control to it but i think there is something that i am missing in the tutorial that makes it not function the way i would like....going to work on it more later this week when i have more time.

    have you made any updates or changes to it since last month?

  • I haven't really made anything since then, that was just some basics that I threw together after reading the few tutorials. To be honest I don't know if I'm in the level or have the patience to make anything for a while. Duncan seems to be coming out with enough awesome stuff that has been keeping me very occupied