• Can we talk a bit about what the timing sub options do?
    I haven't poked around the bottom half of the timing setup section much.

  • bottom half is simply time division by 2's. leftwards is faster (more division) rightwards is slower. per track.

  • really nice sounds in this video!

    would be curious to see your keymap screens (hit space bar?)

  • Thanks, @tehn.

    Yeah, I wanted to see those as well when I was playing this back..Was "in the zone" I guess.

    I might have been a little vague in my question, but what I was really curious about was the Timing Setup window. The left to right row of values (Time Scale Options) makes sense to me - control the speed at which the selected pattern plays. It's the the vertical row (Sub Options) in this window that have always eluded me.