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  • Finally got my grid 64 the other day, paired with and the aleph makes for an awesome combination!! (tbh i'd expect them to be as they're made for each other!)
    This patch is based around the scene "life" which is a variation on Conway's Game of Life which is an mathematical equation/game that simulates cellular division.
    In this patch the main melodic component (if you would call it that..) is the audio out from the aleph where the grid is running the simulation based on the buttons i have selected (google it..), i have two cv ins and outs to the modular and receiving to cv's from the modular to modulate the pulse and wave modulation (pretty sure those are the parameters but i'd have to refer to the bee's manual to be sure) of the oscillators that are making the sound in the aleph.
    got the braids in particle mode being fm'd by maths, hertz donut osc's 1 & 2 are doing some wack fm stuff with the z3000 and modemix which is then going into channels 1 & 2 of the optomix and then phonogene in broken echo mode being sequenced by pressure points, malekko switch and lfo2 then into the echophon for some ambience which is mult'd back into channel 2 of the modemix, mmg is being pinged and self resonating from the qcd w/modulation coming the hd2 also, modulation and various gate pulses are being provided by the wogglebug, maths and function. final output from modular is being fed in to a mf104 and final out from the aleph is going into a space for some resonance and additional body just to gel it all together. Nice little cameo form my cat Drake who loves to walk all over my gear when i'm using it

    dropping some uk hip hop acapella into the live set

  • after a long time without internet i'm back with a few things i did in the meantime!
    it's just some mlr fun. hope you guys enjoy :)

  • i definitely see your point, @rajatheresidentposer ! i was thinking about that too! and i was also thinking about opening a kind of "artist" thread for all my stuff as well, in which i'd post any mentionable updates (tracks/videos/dates/info/whatever)! things wouldn't be so scattered around here. though it would have that soundcloud-feed-dashboard-taste if everybody of us would handle it this way, but i'd like it for me to have all my shit together, because i'm actually no fan of opening thread after thread for every something. what's your opinion about that?

    (maybe this is not the right place to discuss this topic; maybe we should open a new thread LOL :D)

  • Not monome specific, but just finished this new video using a custom hardware/software setup:

    More info on what the shit is happening here:

  • can you say 'dynamics' :) - i love this!

  • Rodrigo, that is SUPER.

  • This is a live unedited recording of the trio i play in. Drums, piano and monome.
    Our typical workflow is for me to record some bass parts before our session and then chop them with the monome as we perform. Using Sum (the only monome app that is reliable on my system). This is probably too long for most folks.

    edit: we had been asked to play something "pretty" prior to this session.

  • a track made entirely from old yamama psr36 sounds. herar the track and Grab the samples for free here

  • Glad you guys dig it! More monome action next time, hehe.

  • check this one out!

    This patch has a whole lot going on..

    1) Monome 64 running 'The Party Van' in max runtime which is playing back the chants (yes that's me singing..) I recorded into it with manipulation just over active and start point and some granularized Tibetan singing bowls and chimes

    2) Monome Aleph w/Stasis scene into which I've recorded Mutable instrument Braids' various physical models (trig & pitch from Makenoise Brains/Pressure Points) and then cut up and tweaked with some echo. The playback points, grain size, pitch and various other parameters are mapped out to the different encoders and switches. Bigs ups to Duncan Speakman for writing this fantastic scene, it's blowing my mind!

    3) Eurorack modular:
    Bass - Mutable Instruments Braids sequenced by Makenoise Brains/Pressure points going into Makenoise MMG then into an Optomix. Envelopes from Makenoise Maths triggered by 4ms QCD (clock div/mult ranged from -8 to x5)

    Mid Range Arp - Tip Top Audio z3000 mk. 2 sequenced by Makenoise Wogglebug into Intellijel uscale 2 in channel 2 of the Optomix with envelopes again from Maths trig'd from QCD then into Makenoise Echophon with a mulitplied clock from the QCD

    Mid range Seq - Osc's 1 & 2 of Harvestman Hertz Donut mk.2 sequenced by Pressure Points into Makenoise Modemix with envelopes for mult'd Maths and Function triggered from Maths EOR.

    All sounds going into an Allen Zed 10 with Eventide Space in the FX loop.




    samples made with monome and played in one shot on a sp-404


    Excited about this one. I've had this 3 way collaboration thing on the back burner for a while and we just (almost) finished a track. The other people involved make really good music and the exchange of ideas and samples has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. The mix is potato quality and it hasn't been mastered.

  • Two new monome tracks here, Nina and Banjolin.

  • first "recording" with new dual monome setup.
    grid 64 is running the Party Van, grid 128 MLRV.
    the restraint required with this setup is the polar opposite to working with my modular or beat based work, really enjoying the new approach

    also, can i embed soundcloud in this forum or just post the link?

  • large eurorack modular system, elektron machinedrum, the party van, monome grid 128 and aleph. live improvisation at squidco records in wilmington nc

  • one more for the weekend!!

  • taking the 'ol monome out for a sunday stroll

  • Vimeo tells me that in 33 minutes my latest video will be available here:

    Don't you just love their timescales?!

  • @kineticmonkey great sounds, great work. will be downloading the ep once i get home.

  • Cheers birdman!

  • hi there !
    made with monosequencer edit by emergencyofstate and [XYnome] by ithkaa
    I wanted to do a techno track... and i failled... again

  • I thought it was boots and cats?

    What is this obsession with pants?

  • "When I was a kid, we wore short trousers, you know, knee pants. And then there was this great moment when you put on long pants. Boys now don’t get that. I see even five-year-olds walking around with long trousers. When are they going to know that they’re now men and must put aside childish things?" - Joseph Campbell

  • I never wear shorts...fuck those things


    made chopping synth samples with monome and tx81z I swapped for an 8 track

  • @rajface - Yeah, transatlantic cultural divide. Here it's definitely cats.

  • @Raja: Nice one, I have no Idea what is effecting the guitar signal but i like it B-)
    @bkinsman: love your stuff!!! especially the recreation-one!

    Here's one I'm currently working on:

    Remember the molecular music box composing-with-simple-rules stuff? :-D

    Feedback very welcome.

  • @trppng: Woah!!! awesome !!!! I love it !!!! I want more!!!!

  • glad you like it.
    will do more stuff like that but in the meantime there's a mlr-quicky, rough'n'dirty evening fun with my computer n printer.
    Pssst, don't tell 'em.....

  • finished another beat picnic track.
    This one using sounds recorded at a skate shop in Osaka.
    Lots of deck pops, and bearing sounds.

    check more info at if you like.

    thanks very much

  • That's cool @pekopeko ! Nice one bro!

  • been away too long
    so much good stuff to catch up on from ya'll (@pekopeko always nice w/ the beat picnics!!!)

    made something new for the first time in months

  • something a bit different, hope you guys like it.

  • @bkinsman good stuff, i was especially nodding on during 0-2:30 and 5:30-6:30

  • @trppng you've gotta check this one (it's not monome but could be!) out, think it'll be right up your alley!

  • @bkinsman:
    wow, that's really cool. LOVE IT!!!!

    for the 'processing 4E5''s drums i deliberately cut transients of a guitar track 'the wrong way' to get these clicks n clacks and always try to figure out some more ways to greate these sounds.
    MLR helps a lot there too :-)

    what a great great idea.
    (cheking out the website now and thinking about buying or diy)
    Thanks for sharing.

  • @bkinsman @trppng This'll have to be my favorite Zammuto and Jong offering. Ohhh high school:

  • @Raja
    Thanks for your support.
    I'll do m'y best to fail again :p

    I'm a fan

  • From a recent festival in France:

  • @Rodrigo cool performance! Had a craving for wonderful,sporadic rhythms this morning

  • hello to everyone,
    this is the result of one of my summer jams !