new app: meadowphysics

  • @dude. dude! Its great to see you here man. I used to see you all the time over on Muffs before I left (some people on that forum just crushed the fuck out of my spirit) Anyway, so glad to see you getting on with grids!

  • @emergencyofstate I think I just put that together myself. Always have been a fan of your avatar, @dude.

  • i've learned a lot from @dude

    count me among those glad he's here too

  • :) thanks for the love guys. i am so so happy to be here. i hope i can be forgiven for being head over heels right now and spam posting about my idiocy left and right and above and below and beyond and through and through and through.

  • this app is ridiculous. so good. now if i could only get mesh to do my bidding with tpv...

  • yeah i was going to suggest putting your avatar on over here so we can feel at home :)

    @emergencyofstate i know what you mean about muffs, hated to see that happen over there. still a lot of great people.

  • i wiped my computer of 100gigz upon monoming myself i think i don't have that pic at the ready put i will try. i guess i could just get from muffs. i do still love muffs but not even a fraction of the power it used to be. some wonderful folks but lots of not-so-much too.

  • @dude

    "Noob here...could you tell me how to spend thousands of dollars? I haven't read any technical data on synths but the gear lust is killing me"

    Seems to be a consistent posting there these days.

  • yeah, i guess i don't begrudge newbs i mean fuck look at my post history here. i don't know my ass from my tweeter. but the repetitive nature does of course get old. i try to remember that i was new to modulars once and that they can be super complicated if you try to bite off too much at a time. but yeah, its not the community that it once was. i still have big big love for quite a few people over there. honestly quite a few friends irl have come from muffs. dear friends who i would do anything for. that is kind of saying a lot it isn't my experience in other places...well i suppose that might not be entirely accurate as the only places i go to aside from banking/billpaying/buying are muffs/monome and fb but i am getting a whole lot closer to offing fb.

    sorry to be so offtopic.

  • well as is my monome experience for this day...appears i can't get the counters counting again. clocks going, apps talking sound on volume up. no counters counting down their rows. this was what was happening the first time i tried it but then somehow the counters started going (not sure what i did) and then my happy world opened up. what stupid mistake am i making?

  • or i should say, only the first row is counting, even if i link other rows they just stay still.

  • ah ok a press/hold on top left then in the counter rows third from left! ah but then force quit lol. i think clocks too fast, too many commands after my nonsense of trying to jump start it some other way than intended. a lil banging head against wall is good for you right? lol

  • and for my newbish sins of ignorance i offer to thee a blurb. its purposes are to cut in ...perhaps mlrv????

  • sounds cool. how are you enjoying the arc4? i think it is very nice.

  • only arc2. hirez no push buttons. love it to death but wish it had buttons.

  • they are different beasts. the response on the non pushbutton ones is much nicer. if you ever have the chance don't sell your new one for an old one, just add another animal to the farm.

  • yeah no way i am selling anything yet. between edw and grainstorm and tpv i am already so impressed with arc functionality and build quality is impeccable. i loaded that blurb into all four channels of grainstorm and am in harmonic drone heavenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i was a bit bummed before because i couldn't get any of the stretta apps to rock but now they work like charmz! most elegant i have found. really wish edw allowed some sort of grid note picking interaction though.

  • just give it a little time. as you use the stuff more you will learn more about it and it will make more sense. later down the road you can start making your own patches in max and/or editing others patches to customize them to do what you want.

    i jumped into using grid, arc, and aleph after an 8 year absence from using computers for any music at all... and believe you me it was stressful getting back into the language and flow.

    also take into account in the past i had only used daw and vst type stuff with hardware synths so when i got into this whole max/msp world it ripped my fucking head off....mostly because i would pull my hair a lot. but so far it has been worth it.

  • i do see returns in fact have it loaded right now, but don't know how to use it to control anything else...

  • are you using any software synths yet or do you have a midi to cv converter that has cc outs?

  • nope, well just stuff in monome apps. grainstorm edw teletype sum

  • right...for now the easiest thing to do would be to open a synth that has cc capabilities and go from there. or midi out to a midi module or midi keyboard

  • ive used all my usb ports with monomes so only audio out now. i do have a firewire out. but i am not at all worried about hardware integration atm. mostly itb sampling/granular/glitching and wandering about.

  • well if it counts i can't get mlr working. haha

  • but damn this app inspires all manner of philosophic tangents. must have another go!

  • well i just finished my first track completely monome based. swooning at beauty upon listening back. meadowphysics blurb then loaded into sums mlrs (both sides). live sample play with internal reverb. could easily layer/edit but the beauty and imperfection make it for me. stoked. maybe my next album will be monome based. i was thinking monome would just be a break and pretty much expected to kinda hate it and sell quickly but its growing and growing still...

  • Nice tune, @dude.

    @companyofquail Part of the fun with being a modular n00b was spending hours at a time reading module manuals and lurking Muffs for use case examples for each module. Could never figure out why you'd want someone else to make your purchase decisions for you. Spend your own money!

    Back on track...Meadowphysics. Are you guys able to save and recall states? I am still not able to load a file that I've saved. This was why I was (earlier) asking about the location of these stored files. When I load them up (no matter where they live) the state of the window doesn't change.

    I admit my troubleshooting attempts are consistently thwarted by my own fascination with the results I'm getting.

  • @tedjames yeah me too on save. i have tried loading presets and it seems like it works but then it totally doesn't. but sort of more importantly the amazingness of the program quickly urges me to keep sculpting.

  • @dude As long as I have something to record this stuff armed and ready it's okay. Would like to get to the bottom of it eventually.

    I've been running the teletype synth though a very minimal modular setup and from there directly into the aleph. Will try to get some video today.

  • i will try this again.

    can anyone break down exactly what each of the symbols per row do and exactly what the behavior is when a row is linked to another row (even the clock row seems to have two ways to link it?). i guess i was just hoping to figure out exactly what is going on. the synth part is of course completely obvious (aside from preset jumping currently). i am probably just being dull but sometimes i can't tell what is happening with the rows in a logic sense.

  • ok, will try to list my findings. presets are working as described by the great and powerful raja. haven't tried sequencing them but am about to. yup pattern storage/recall working here! now for symbols...
    first row/top just ties to clock
    second row is a plus just adds one row per cycle until gets to max 16 and stays there
    third row is minus, subtracts one row til gets to min and stays at min
    fourth row is max? just moves counter to max (row 16) at next cycle
    fifth row is min opposite of max but same behavior
    sixth row is 'x'. i believe x is random :)
    seventh is has some sort of weighted movement. i believe the symbol is"back and forth" type?
    eighth row is o ... i cannot discern the behavior of 0

    what am i missing? any hidden features or button press options?

    tying rows to other rows simply allows them to move a step once the tied row triggers?

  • the rules are very briefly described on the applications wiki page (
    "rules: none, increment, decrement, set to max, set to min, random, random inc/dec, recall last pressed."

    so you almost had it! the 'up and down' randomly chooses to add 1 or subtract 1 from the current count. the 8th row (recall last pressed) is useful if you've got a number of other rules going, and want to create a 'back to the last state' type message – kind of like an 'undo' function or something.

    in short each row can send 2 different messages. the first (by holding left-most row) is 'count down by 1' – if you use the top row and assign it to all other rows then they will all move together.

    the second type of message (hold first then second column) is a 'change the counter length' message. rather than changing the current countdown it changes the number of steps that the linked row has to count. the 8 different rules change that count in different ways.

    all events are triggered only when the counter in that row hits 0 and returns to max count.

    i tend to think of the 1st row (countdown all linked rows by 1) as a static, polyrhythmic generator. if you set up a complicated arrangement of rows it will create repeating patterns, though these can take a long time to repeat.

    the 'rules' section then functions as a way to modify the structure of the rhythmic phrase. you can structure it so it will create longer-form polyrhythmic structures, but in general as soon as you add any 'rules' you're likely to move into aleatoric (or 'random') territory. basically, don't expect to hear the same pattern twice unless you're a) really lucky, or b) have a ridiculous understanding of the current mathematical structures.


  • Here's a patch I had going earlier today.

    I'm running meadowphysics into the Phonogene (in broken echo mode), MMG and finally into Aleph running the skitter scene.

  • @galapagoose, you are amazing. thanks so much for everything!!!!

    @tedjames, thats a super cool patch. it is uncanny how much your makenoise skiff is like mine. granted mine is a shittier goike version with ill-fitting wooden rails but the only diffs are that you have an osc and filters where i have an erbe-verb and pressure points. but then woggle, pg and the ever-powerful maths.

  • Thanks, @dude.

    Man, I bet Meadowphysics through an Erbe-Verb is amazing. I haven't ponied up yet... Might place an order this week and pull the rest of my modules out of the closet. Been rocking this 3U because my desk space is almost non-existent.

  • when you say meadowphysics is going into the phonogene I'm not sure I understand what you mean? MP doesn't output any sound itself and.... is meadowphysics controlling Teletype on the computer?

    you know If you wanted to work with oscs in your modular set-up you you could run this without the computer .. just add the meadowphyiscs operator to skitter and have it send CV out :)

  • glad you guys are making meadowphysics go!

  • @duncan_speakman Yeah, sorry. That's Teletype going into Phonogene...

    Will have to try Meadowphysics in Skitter...

  • Slowly getting my head around it.
    I notice in the vids I see that there seems to be a lot more variation in pitch than when I jam with it, is this due to the scale/notes selected on the piano roll or due to different parameter entries in the lhs columns or both?

  • guessing both. the transpose can do some crazy stuff.

    i am wondering about order of operations. do all commands execute simultaneously? does slew have a specific curve/rate? i notice some values seem to accept numbers higher than 127 (i think)? i need to mess with pitch slew.

  • execution is sequential, within one script. pretty sure per-voice execution is hopefully sequential (1-8) in the max version, definitely so in the aleph version.

    get more note variation by using note increments instead of triggering specific notes. you can also trigger random notes-- a combination of all of these leads to great emergent melodies.

  • i am still confused about slew. what it is available for and the value range.

    also i can force quit with not too much difficulty by just going to town on writing lots of commands and updating. anyone else force-quitting?

    do random notes get chosen from all notes or just from the palette as chosen by the scroll?

  • i should add when it forcequits, both meadowphysics and teletype windows close. maxruntime itself does not quit. i shoud have gotten the log file text but i forgot about that. will do it next time (or try to).

  • Is there a page for meadow physics on aleph? I'm wondering if the aleph version interfaces at all with the desktop version.

  • the Aleph version functions exactly the same as far as I can tell from use so far :)

  • are they supposed to be used in parallel? I'm just wondering because the aleph version seems to not have any control of the synth portion, beyond stock sounds. is it in alpha stage? am i missing a doc page regarding the aleph version, because I can't find any.