nonome - monome emulator for Novation Launchpad - 1.24a + 7up_v2

  • @beedoola i've never really used midi sync myself. i think you need to follow these steps (some of these are a guess)

    -open ableton first
    -choose a midi port to send sync and make sure it's set to sync in ableton's midi preferences
    -create a new midi track, choose the same port as above as the output and arm it
    -open max, nonome, polygome
    -choose the port from step 2 as the midi sync

    @bridog i had trouble getting polygome to work with nonome myself (in fact i don't think i ever got it working before moving to a monome but that was probably just me not understanding it properly). try closing everything, create a new midi port with midi yolk then open max / nonome / polygome. if this channel is now showing in polygome's output menu then you should be good to go. make sure this new channel is set up correctly in ableton's preferences.

    i'm not at home so can't test any of the above. i'll dust off my launch pad at the weekend.

  • I've gone over it again and still haven't had success trying to send MIDI out of Max, but in the process of searching for help I discovered the Polygome64 Max for Live version, and it worked straight away. I still wouldn't mind figuring it out so that I can use it for other applications without having to rewire out from Live, but for now I'm happy to be Polygome-ing it up on my Launchpad.

  • Hi, I just installed the software and I'm trying to run it on my launchpad mini, but nothing happens, I don't get any visual response. Any ideas?

  • @dorandragic same here. Can't get any response out nonome with my launchpad mini. The project looks ancient and the patch quite messy. I hope someone is still maintaining it cause I can't afford to start another pet-project at this time :\