Help me describe MID and OSC to a device manufacturer

  • Interesting kickstarter project ( which IMHO could have some applications in regards to music performance.
    Where can I find the best resources to help this guy understand the MIDI and OSC protocols?

  • I'm not sure it matters. Neither MIDI nor OSC operate natively over bluetooth just yet, so you are going to have to run a piece of software to translate from one protocol to another.

    If they make their class-compliant HID drivers, you're pretty much set to build a software bridge in Max. Doesn't really matter if that guy understands the protocols; the community can support itself, and continue to support itself long after he's gone.

    If they give up on HID class-compliance and instead release proprietary/closed-source drivers, this project is a bad investment in regards to music performance (even if their drivers output OSC and MIDI).

  • Precious, thx!

  • (Haha, well, don't only describe it like that if you actually want this guy to remain interested in implementing OSC ;p
    Here's a useful description: )