monome/aleph/euro excursions by benjamin kinsman

  • so here's my first post in a thread dedicated to the things that i record, i hope you enjoy these pieces and i'd like you to be honest with your feedback, constructive criticism is always a good thing as it not only makes you better at what you do but it also makes you more humble.

    the purpose of this patch was to try and come up with an idea that is recreateable but each time leads to similar but slightly different results (you'll notice that there's elements of some of my other pieces present in this one..)

    patch description:

    the purpose of this patch was to try and come up with an idea that is recreateable but each time leads to similar but slightly different results (you'll notice that there's elements of some of my other pieces present in this one..)

    patch description:

    ok here we go…

    two monome grids (both running in max), aleph and eurorack

    grid 64 running the Party Van with vocal chants (four channels) and various granulised percussion,
    grid 128 running Meadowphysics (a tangled cascade counter with rapid tactile rule changing) controlling a synth called Teletype
    output of both monones is being fed into a phonogene in broken echo mode just for a little pitch shifted harmonising, then out into the aleph running the skitter scene which is then fed back into manhattan mixer in the case.
    three oscillators performing harmonic duties in the patch:
    mutable instruments braids - main bass running one of the fm models which is triggered by 4ms QCD then sequenced by pressure points
    harvestman hertz donut mk 2 (probably most intricate routing) - percussive staccato bass with fm (osc 1), waveshaping and internal modulation bus cv being sequenced by pressure points, envelope and vca duties being handled (trig coming from 4ms QCD) by make noise maths which sends triggers to the function and SSF PTG (this thing is awesome..) then into the optomix and moddemix which creates the complex envelopes that you can hear
    top tip audio z3000 mk2 - mid/high pitched melodic element, sequence being provided by make noise wogglebug into intellijel uscale which is fed in moddemix with envelope coming from maths then in the echophon and out into an eventide space then back into the euro
    all clocking and extra modulation coming from the QCD and wogglebug
    the fx loop of the mixer is then going back into the eventide just to gel it all together

    i think that’s about it..

    enjoy! (",)

  • Think I'll scrap this idea of a personal thread and just use the latest tracks one again

  • Thanks for the feedback, I'm working on it but it's hard with the modular as your gotta turn so many god damn knobs or have twenty vca's n ten mixers! my stuff is very vampy as I used to be a big prog-head.
    What I need is a bypass pedal w/mix control as most of the aleph scenes don't have a 'mix' control and the monome gets a little lost in the mix when I run them thru it

  • i'm into the static structures personally. heh

  • really pretty stuff sir! thanks for sharing. big big.

  • i've been playing with duncan's scene "gripper" which is getting me some very interesting results..will try and film a vid today

  • Very nice work! Nothing too static for me. If you do this on a stage near me I'd come to see you play :)

  • i really loved it! great video!
    (and it deserves it's own thread! ;D)

  • yeah, that one is cool!

  • new vid uploading now guys, something rather different this time. hope you like it

  • this week i got a buchla/toppobrillo dual function generator and another op-1 (always regretted selling the first one).
    main keys & main drums: op-1 into ssf ptg (just to boost the level) which is then mult'd to two destinations 1) optomx in with complex envelope structure from make noise maths and toppobrillo dual function generator, triggers from 4ms qcd 2) phonogene in broken echo mode
    complex watery percussion: mutable instrument braids sequenced from uscale and wogglebug into the make noise echophon which is clocked from the end of gene out from the phongene. harvestman hertz donut mk 2 sequenced by the monome aleph w/grid 128 running the stepwavescv scene (pitch and fm cv) into make noise moddemix with envelope provided by make noise function (triggered from 4ms bcd)
    rubbery "walking bass": make noise dpo sequenced by pressure points/brains which is clocked from the combined trigger outs from maths and dual function generator in a 4ms qcd with divisions of x 2, x 4 & x5 which is intern retriggering the envelope of maths into an optomix
    vox chants and granulised percussion: monome grid 64 running max on the computer.
    additonal clocking and modulation being provided by make noise wogglebug and pits lfo2

  • This sounds great -- thanks!

  • hopefully we'll see someone come up with a meadow physics scene soon

  • dual meadow physics vid uploading now..

  • dual meadowphysics. 2 monomes, aleph, op-1 & 9u

  • first white whale patch!! (decent one that is...)

  • really nice. is that an actual spring reverb i hear? also - WW looks nice and uncluttered on a non-16 levels monome. i don't think the levels add much except noise really.

  • @ootini not real spring, the op-1 is just processing braids with it's spring reverb effect

  • @bkinsman love the meadowphysics track in that thread, figured I'd bring feedback back here so as to not muddy the waters. Very nicely done. Would love to hear more percussive/driving stuff!

    (for reference:


  • Also: is that a metal shirt of some ilk? heh.

  • @rbxbx haha! yeah it's an old cradle of filth shirt!

  • @rbxbx i found that whenever i incorporate drums it ends up sounding like something i would make on a computer as it gets to straight, been using an envelope follower as a clock source and hand playing op-1 drums which has been getting some good results but noting worth recording yet..

  • @bkinsman, I thought it might be a CoF shirt, but didn't want to out myself in case it wasn't :p

    I too have had a hard time incorporating backing beats w/ the modular, but using the trig outs on a 606 fed into a maths to do some weird semi-synced stuff has been fun. More just rhythmic plonking though than drums proper.

    The journey continues!

  • haven't recorded anything for a while (well, i haven't done much except play Destiny since I got a PS4 but oh well.....), enjoy!

  • Love this one @bkinsman :)

  • I like this too it's got a slow progression. Melodic and not bleeps and bloops and with a very nice use of the tools at hand. Not throwing everything at it but peeling it back, building it up, stripping it and rebuilding. The polyrhythms keep you on your toes.

    You grab your crotch at 2:00. :)

  • Haha! Cheers!!

  • Dude nice work, keep this stuff coming! Definitely inspirational.

  • A thought which is perhaps annotate the video so that we can see what you are doing, the music is its own entity and stands up just fine but the video is of a guy at a desk twiddling stuff, (which is uber uber cool but for us nerds that like to geek out on the tech and hear what is being used at that point and the effect things have...)

    Perhaps as a subtitles layer so it is optional.