The Second Coming of Aleph?

  • Does anyone know when the second edition of the Aleph will go into production? Or nobody knows, not even Monome, until they get enough pre-orders? I'm tempted to order one, but not too keen right now to pay that amount of money without even an estimated delivery date. Can I assume they will make an announcement, just before going into production, for last minute orders? Or that they will get enough made, so I could buy one as soon as they become available?

  • from

    "aleph — first edition of 100 units sold out. e-mail if you would like to purchase one of the second edition. we will accept pre-orders and begin production once enough people are on the list."

    They won't ask you for nor accept your money without an estimated delivery date. Just send an email and express your interest.

  • Thanks. I've emailed Monome, expressing my interest. Will see what they say.

    I was assuming I had to pay in advance for a pre-order, but without knowing when the item will be produced, if it could take months, half a year or more... So I was just hoping someone here in the forum might have heard some rumours, if it's coming this year or the next. Also, it gave me an excuse for my first post... :-)