[OT] plumbutter + monome

  • meh:

    (learnin to analog-synth-it-up. started with a patch using all the bananas i had(not on purpose... just is how i practice getting to know the synth: building up patches then breaking them down)... took a video of me improvising everything i could while breaking the patch down... most sounds you hear are completely improvised and direct from the plumbutter.... see vid description for more details... will post more of these because they are good practice for me towards a gig coming up(slightly more experimental gig than i'm used to... a bit out of my element here :p), hopefully they're sorta interesting to others(?), perhaps if only by the risks i take... though, also, hopefully they won't be so long and drawn out and will become more focused ;D)

  • definitely interesting, there's some intense waves in here...haven't heard this synth

  • that was really rad! definitely went (good) places with that one.
    i was getting a nice, sorta black dice-y vibe

  • not sure how this is off topic

    edit: read the youtube description...i REALLY want to try this sampler

  • Sick man!!!
    Hella wires yo...

  • Plumbutter is a beast
    cocoquantus is them fog

    If you get a chance tickle a plumbutter it is very enjoyable

    love your sounds that monome app sounds like it would be great fun to play around with

  • that's pretty sweet. plumbutter is such an alien. like really just from another planet.

    focus with this kind of gear can sometimes just be a judicious edit after the fact. or so I've found. you can get a patch positively humming and then just naturally it'll die off, like some short lived organism or something.

  • great stuff Raja!!

  • i enjoyed a lot your sound.
    i also find beautiful the gesture (taking apart the patch).
    i hope to hear more.

    (what are the red and yellow boxes ?)

  • a couple words from my muffwiggler account about the mushroom planet that the plumbutter residualates from

    "ah yes mushroom planet

    I once heard mushroom planet exists atop the head of a small man who lives at the crest of your left ear and when him hears them bell tones he slips his head into your ear so as to allow a closer transfer of planet to brain communication. While he is doing this a viscous gray ooze slip slops from his ears so as to communicate communication lubrication. Which then tips your ear off to start slowly undulating at the opening for two reasons. One it allows a sort of air pressure to be created which bribes the grooze ever closer to the brain-heart. This allows for A Complete Transfer© of millennium old mycelial memories to "the return plan" then to "ME" (which is each one of us){M.ushroomE.nthusiasts}. Two it also starts a process of pushing the small mans head out of your ear so you don't fall too far into the extraterrestripath. The extraterrestripath is the celebration of communication lubrication without a return plan. The return plan is the man.

    what've you heard?"

    I love Petroleum Bottle('s)

  • (^ha! small man comin out my ears to do a pole-dancin extraterrestrip all over the man's return plan? wtf?! i dunno... but i like the sound of it ;D)

    Thank You All!

    here's another, focus more on the spectral morph fft effect and show how the one-shot samples can be sequenced and quantized according to the analog clock:


    the red and yellow boxes are guitar pedals made by Mooer. yellow is called 'yellow comp', the red is called 'anaecho'.
    when i got the plumbutter, i felt it to be a little too quiet in signal(the onboard mixer also distorts very easily.... although the distortion is analog and beautiful, i still wanted some wiggle room before it distorts.... but i also wanted to keep things as analog as possible before going into my comp). from using photo-optical comp emulations to master synths in the digital world, i knew i wanted an analog one for this synth, but also didn't want to spend much on a nice effects rack.
    went to a guitar store to try things out, also ended up trying the anaecho(apparently, it's many guitarists' favorite because it's an accurate recreation of some other famous analog echo made long ago).
    anyways, i liked the sound of both of them for the price so i went on amazon, found them even more affordable online($45 each used).
    (i highly recommend the anaecho if you're into pedals, but the yellow comp has a very-wide-band bandpass eq that's always on(whose center-freq you can control), this works well for me(because i often need to roll off bass due to an FFT effect i use which emphasizes too much bass anyways... and sometimes modulations on the plumbutter can have too much high for my ears, too)... and it allows me to color the signal in many ways, but is not necessarily the best for everyone's needs(it also distorts pretty easily, even though the distortion is a nice analog sounding one))
    ^i just realized, in that case, my earlier description is not so accurate: "most sounds you hear are completely improvised and direct from the plumbutter"
    that should be more like: "you mainly hear the sound of the plumbutter, completely improvised"(since the sound isn't ever truly 'direct' from the plumbutter, but going through these pedals for more loudness/clarity at all times)

    (sorry i rambled on long there, hehe :p)
    Thanks again for everyone's interest!

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser

    thank you for the answer and all the informations. really appreciate.
    the analog clock thing made a strong impression on me. it sounds amazing, imo. (and the synthesis tools as well). it opens (for me at least) a lot of horizons...

    my 2 cents : i still prefer your first vid. because i think the dis-patching gesture is a powerful performance. and because of my noisy taste, i guess.

  • @beo
    Thanks! Much obliged for your thoughtful feedback.
    (I like the dis-patching gesture better too, and noise, but didn't like the first vid very much, hehe.. too much meandering... But hearing your thoughts helps me be more objective(and brave enough to post other experiments) overall. Thanks again!)

    here's another.. more patching from scratch, not as much dispatching:

  • @gli
    oops i missed this originally:
    "not sure how this is off topic"

    it's posted here because a proper poser must always marginalize himself ;D

    (haHA! i got jokes! ...but ya, you make a good point, i originally thought i might put some plumbutt-only vids, but haven't yet(or, for example, when i remix your 'yek' i will add plumbutter sounds and post the soundcloud here, too... sorry i've been a bit slow about that..)... hehe, i said, "plumbutt" hehehehe)

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser

    it reminds me a dream i had some time ago : a meander of a river. surrounded by a forest. a head of a tiger.
    the next morning i've read an article about the tiger river. it describes the course of this river from the taurus mountains to the persian gulf. mile after mile. i found this beautiful and very instructive.
    how ot is that ! (in this ot thread :D)
    speaking about meanders in a modular context, i think nelson baboon is mastering meanders (amongst other skills) with his works.

    i like your third vid and the sound of it.
    at some points it's very disturbing and fascinating to hear a sound evolving and to see a gesture – that seems ? – decoupled. i like that very much.

  • "to hear a sound evolving and to see a gesture – that seems ? – decoupled. i like that very much."

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback again, @beo! Your last statement was so poignant i decided to leave this thread on that note until i could create another video. I feel ya :)
    (this is the magic behind the way Peter Blasser makes his instruments i think...)

    here's another...
    description from the video page:
    "My not-so-great guitar playing(Gibson SG) into a plumbutter synth, then further processed in Max/MSP.
    No plums or butters were harmed during this performance(the guitar had its ego hurt when it was put through the effect but that's about it)."

    Imagine yourself, a free range space cowboy, herding your space buffalo across vast incandescent nebulae, as you protect them from the intergalactic-abattoirs of encroaching corporate empires.
    I call it "Death By Skaghetti SpaceWestern" (<-see what i did there? "ska" instead of "spaghetti"... see? see?! ;p)<br />

  • that makes me dizzy listening on headphones... :)

    i do like the space cowboy licks though.

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser on "Death By Skaghetti SpaceWestern" where are the drums generated and what is the signal path?

  • @companyofquail

    The drums are just one-shot samples triggered in software(I triggered and sequenced them beforehand). But there is an FFT effect over everything...
    The signal path is a bit difficult to describe...
    The effect takes 2 stereo signals and, depending on an amplitude threshold which both signals must cross, will generate frequencies common to both, only at the point they exceed the threshold. This generates what's known as 'spectral morph' or 'timbral interpolation' and is why my guitar sounds like its morphing with the beats in the beginning.
    There is also a set of lfos(whose wave tables i can sculpt with my mouse to any shape... but here they are just sine waves... And which can be routed to any fx parameter in my app)... there is an lfo mapped to the threshold parameter of the FFT effect which causes the drums to fade in and out at first.
    The monome is left in this video on a 'mixer' page, so later in the song, I add in the dry signal of the plumbutter as well as the dry signal of the drums when I press on the monome.
    To sum up signal chain: guitar goes into guitar pod(like an amp-modeling/fx-carrying direct box.... in this vid, it creates one of the longer delays). Guitar pod goes into plumbutter(the avdog module), plumbutter goes into yellow compressor pedal and then the anaecho pedal(these two pedals and the guitar pod help juice the signals more), and finally thru to my computer where my software further routes them thru effects if desired while also allowing for some dry channels(drums are all in software basically).

    Sorry for such a convoluted explanation, hope it makes sense.

  • makes a lot of sense, thank you for taking the time to explain. its a very interesting patch.

  • Thanks @companyofquail, much appreciated.

    I forgot to mention @oootini, re: "dizzy", haha i know what you mean. It's the plumbutter, Peter built the modules so most modules are panned hard right or left(you can modulate the left or right channel in volume at the mixer, but can't move a sound easily from a left channel to a right one), difficult to situate something specifically within the stereo field(works well if you play synths through guitar style amps on a stage or two loudspeakers close together, but isn't like a regular headphone/'studio recording' notion of stereophonic control).
    Took me some getting used to ;)

  • that sounds killer raja, hope you were power stance-ing whilst playing it

  • Thanks, bkinsman, I danced and power-stanced while practicing but as soon as I ran the video recording, I realized I better stand more still cuz I'm rusty as it is holding down rhythm on the guitar even without trying to move at the same time ;p

  • love the skaghetti western thing.
    it sounds more like your 'old skool' stuff a'la
    1stContact: ~SerpentEclipse) or Black magic disco with this skippery chrunchy 'raja-like' sound.
    Thumps up!!!
    (is 2 years old already old school or is it just me getting older faster each year?)

    Whatever! I like to hear more of you playing guitar through 'that thing' !!!

  • "it sounds more like your 'old skool' stuff"

    hehe... yea, it's the FFT morph thingie. just months ago, finally figured out the math myself in gen~ with the help of some books('musimathics', and 'designing audio objects in max/msp/pd'; been chasing this effect down for years)... i'm excited.
    Thanks, trppng!

  • the plumbutter is a great drum thing but honestly I love it most as a modular effects processor

    raja have your tried inputing orange CV's into the green of an ultrasound? turn the ultrasound way up and you will get some interesting compression (not sure if this is the right way to describe it) effects

  • @wednesdayayayay

    haven't tried that, sounds like a great idea! will give it a go :)

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser
    your forewords are hilarious. thank you !
    (closing my eyes and listening to your track, i went to a point of seeing charles bronson making justice far in the west of the universe. he looked high).

    i like your melody and chord changes. very epic. and i totally agree with @trppng : your video reminded me the serpent eclipse era. i'm glad to know that you achieved your 'fft morph thingie' btw :)