any thoughts on starting a new MCRP

  • is anyone interested in doing a new MCRP?

    I've no monome anymore but after going through the last several efforts I thought man isn't it about time again

    I forgot about doing some of these like the tandem/haiti ones but I remember the cassette vividly

    has there already been a self servicing remix comp? or perhaps we put up a couple songs for other people to potentially process in some way?

    Any other ideas?

    I would not like to get too far away from this community so let us touch the ends of our fingers together

  • *subscribing to the thread*

    Ideas: water or autumn topic, fields recordings of busking musicians, recordings of ethnic music instruments.

  • water sounds/autumn +1

  • I like the water idea.

    Other Ideas:
    - Digital/analog sources
    - everyday noises
    - clocks/alarms

  • yeah keen for this

  • *sad face* monty python samples
    (did anyone else go see their last show streaming at cinema?)

  • In.

    meta-mcrp : only sample from previous mcrps?

  • @kineticmonkey:

    we did that back in 2011 for mcrp v10. i think that was my first mcrp.

    i like @artfwo's water/autumn ideas. very inspiring, and would be easier than obtaining busker recordings--and clearing said recordings for reuse.

  • I like the autumn/ water idea.
    sounds unique and challenging!

  • Bump.

    @wednesdayayayay - your suggestion, you taking this on?

  • tentatively in. i like autumn! also, leaving it open ended with regards to sound sources is good for me, i always got stuck trying to use samples the few times i attempted to do an MCRP...

  • erm, does MCRP have to be sample based yeah? oop

  • It doesn't have to be anything, really, but it has always been sample based in the past.

    We could do one where we swap midifiles?

  • BUMP.

    These things usually gather momentum once someone states they will be organising.



  • it could be fun if we developed a community patch, or community parts, that utilized 'general musical concepts' to generate and interact with music. if we each made pieces we could then use the pieces together as the basis to form something more wholesome. i'd guess an issue with this sort of idea would be what platform/languages to use & how to bring it all together.

  • i love that idea!! maybe even something like monome_sum could work well for that. do a 30 second piece of audio using only monome_sum and use that as the basis. either way awesome idea. +1111

  • @away message - love the idea, but not all of us are that handy with all of the programming.

    @phortran - This idea seems really accessible - and I think it could really further the community to push monome_sum to it's limits and really showcase what can be done with a monome "out of the box" as such.

  • using monome_sum as the basis for MCRP would be cool.

    i'm going to move the group project patching discussion into another thread !

  • Sounds good. Following the thread.

  • tentatively in.

  • MCRP v16: "sum total"

    ^ that's my name proposal if we go with incorporating monome_sum into our songs.

    as mentioned earlier, though, it's more of an individual showcase centered around one app, rather than a collaborative remix project, since we wouldn't be sharing samples or other works with each other during the production process. also, it might unintentionally exclude the linux- and aleph/grid-only members of the community from participating, if max/msp-based apps are used.

    i like the idea of including monome_sum in our processes, but is there a way that we can share and borrow things more directly, in keeping with the established format of MCRPs?

  • someone post some sum stems.

  • Bump.



  • depends on what the theme is


    nice interview with Clark here.

    "And there was a race against the clock, as well. I didn't have to finish this year, but it was just an ideal time for [the record] to come out. It started sounding really wintery, and it became quite a theme. My manager told me that if I finished it by the end of July, we could get it out in November. And then I started thinking about people buying the record, and it would be really cold in Berlin and Europe around then, and that could feed into the vibe of the record. It was just so focused and concentrated, and I've never really written a record in that way before."

    what about a winter theme?

  • +1 for winter

  • i'd be down for that

    we pooling samples? i forgot how this works...

  • We could do one with all the samples that Aphex Twin just posted to his soundcloud along with some type of drum samples. They're all over the place. Stuff from full orchestras to modular noodles.