white whale!

  • i'm fairly confident we won't be making an arc-based module. that said, we'll be working on an alt-firmware for the whale which reads the arc instead and does something interesting. what do people want from the arc in a euro context?

  • Can you force a step to be manually triggered, a la mlr ?
    Cause there is no reset input...

  • "In fact, it’s inspiring enough that you might want something similar outside the modular context" quote Peter Kirn... Can we expect for that to happend ?

  • oh yes-- mlr cutting is in there. i managed not to demo that, sorry! i actually only demo'd about 50% of the functionality of this thing, and i was moving way too fast to understand anything really.

    slow talky tutorial vids coming which will illuminate all features.

  • like, a tabletop thing that sends midi? it's an interesting idea. people do midi still?

  • "Playback position is indicated in the second row. Pressing a key in this row will cut to that position on the next clock pulse."
    Found the answer.
    I'm sold (if i manage to buy it...)

  • as to Arc: even something like Plates would be awesome to use as modulator, and especially as envelopes!

  • I'm in as well ;) waiting for analoghaven as well

  • just made an order via control voltage and they do international shipping. Email mentioned theres 10 left in stocks(20 odd minutes ago) and shipping out on friday. More whale stock coming next week. If anyone is interested, can check with them

  • @tehn: Regarding arc + eurorack. You could ask James Holden (musician). He uses his arc in his live setup. He created a max/msp patch for it which works with his eurorack. He mentioned on twitter that he is willed to share it.
    I think it creates patterns/arpeggiates in a selected scale.
    You could may make a version for the white whale.

    Here you can see arc in his setup. It's used at min 5:


  • just ordered from analog haven.. very excited!!

    about power: I still run my 128 with an external power cable, am I right that I'm ok then with power?

  • as far as arc goes i would like to see the Kradle app with trigger outputs and since you have clock inputs. it would be nice to it run free time(when no clock is present) or run divisions and multiplications when there is a clock input present. you could use the push buttons to freeze the led rotation...that way if you dont have a pushbutton arc you can still use the app fairly well. i have been trying to, unsuccessfully, write something like this with max with no luck getting to work right with the clock ideas...

  • old powered 128, perfect. will be good to go.

  • ordered from analogue haven. can't wait. small gig coming up in about a month. thinking about using the whale with my modular for that now.

  • Ordered from control voltage, hoping by some miracle it shows up for a gig on the 12th...

  • I knew this will pay off someday, wouldn't have dreamt of for a eurorack module though <3

  • ordered in analogue heaven....

  • if a 128 sucks 600ma or so, would a 64 suck 300ma from the 5v line?

    I have a mutable instruments volts adapter which gives me 5 volts off a doepfer linear supply which is rated at 1200ma on the 12v rail. volts can provide up to 1a from the 12v rail.

    is it reasonable to estimate that a 64 will draw 300ma from the 5v line, equating to 150ma draw on the 12v line?

    also: BOM for the diy ext5v pcb please :)

  • great stuff

    any plans to make diy bits and bobs available for us who have different format modulars?

  • also for those with a 5 volt adapter in their modular (like this http://mutable-instruments.net/modules/volts) ohm's law comes into play when calculating the current draw. a module that draws 100ma from the volts adapter will drain 50ma from the 12v line that the adapter is connected to...

  • any chance this will operate properly with an old arduinome built 64?

  • same question as oootini. i've got the Volts from MI powering Braids.

  • i really wonder what the next modules are...
    and also if a sort of router module is planned ?
    Also, will the WW be upgradable with usb ? (im thinking of a possible 256 version...i'd really want that)

  • just bought as could not resist

    entered the modular world recently and super stoked that monome module is my first sequencer for the rack :)


  • firmware flash upgrade via usb. no programmer.

    re: power. it will work with less mA-- but you'll get into unknown territory in terms of what will happen with your rails. ie, since everything is on the same ground return, ground voltage may fluctuate, which will mess with the ADC/DAC reference, which will mean the CV outs may drift when different amounts of LEDs are being displayed.

    this fluctuation is very very small on my 4ms ROW POWER. the pittsburgh cell 90 power supply is very poor, even though the erthenvar free lunch is pretty good. we tested with friends' tiptop power modules and they worked great.

    this is all to say, i'd generally suggest powering externally. i included a DIY pcb in the first batch of whales, but you can buy an assembled version from the retailers. it's basically two usb jacks, inline, with a power jack. power is disconnected from the later jack, so no power is drawn from the euro.

    this makes a lot of sense so the euro supply won't be fluctuating wildly. the power topology (ribbon cables) is very poorly designed for variable loads. it wasn't intended.

  • i've been thinking of a 256 mod firmware. give us a few weeks.

  • would a regular powered usb hub between the monome and the whale do the trick too? edit: no. apparently not.

  • Tehn,

    Arc implementation: kinda specialized/one-trick-pony, but something in the realm of Electric Dharma Wheels would be useful. That's a fun pony.

    Also, re: Power...did you test it with the Makenoise Power Bus (the large one found in their cases and Enclave cases) at all? I'm guessing I'll just get the aux power unit. Sounds like that's the most bullet-proof solution.

  • incessant barrage continues:


    what is the "case" for the ext5? tape or something?

  • Is the firmware written in c?

  • Good to see that the power thingy will be available at CV, but before shelling out the extra $50 I will wait and see how the WW performs in my monorocket cases... Hopefully enough of those power adapters are made, so they don't run out instantly! :-)
    BTW congratulations on the successful product launch! It sold out at Control Voltage in one day!

  • firmware in c.

    ext5v is heatshrunk. here's the DIY version that ships with the whale (note, with no jacks, but the partlist is included.) http://monome.org/docs/modular:ext5v:diy

    so-- you can build your own for a few dollars in parts and find your own power supply. you can alternatively cut up a usb cable, if you're good at this sort of thing. that was my first test. works well.

    the store-sold version includes a rated PS (same make as aleph, nice), and the shape of the pcb is refined (see pic).

    there's a good chance most power supplies will be ok.

    no usb hubs. the whale does not work with a hub.

  • cool. here's an idea for an enclosure for the diy pcb:


    this stuff is great. hand mouldable rubber that you form into whatever shape you want and hardens into really resilient rubberized material.

  • can you post the partlists for the diy ext5v pcb here please?

  • 256 mod firmware? nice! Exactly what I need.

  • this is the diy sheet included:

    monome DIY ext5v

    grids draw a large, variable amount of 5v from the eurorack power system. though it works perfectly fine in many configurations, this may potentially cause problems in others.

    we've created a small breakout which allows the grid to be fully self-powered. these will be for sale in fully assembled form, and we've included a free prototype ext5v PCB. what you'll need to get:

    - 5v DC power supply, 2.1mm center positive, 1A or up
    ie. Mean Well GS18A05-P1J

    - connectors (part numbers for digikey.com)
    USB B: AE9925-ND
    USB A: AE10400-ND
    power: CP-102A-ND


  • the heatshrink is really nice on the assembled ext5v units. i really like it.

    the sugru is amazing!

  • Oh now that just made my briefcase synth a whole lot more fun...

  • i'm very excited about this. you are so inspiring!

  • any chances of diy kits for white whale and/or possibly future modules? looks good!

  • kits, no. to get this form factor we must use a lot of SMD components.

  • can't wait to see someone pair this with the make noise phonogene

  • This looks like something I'd definitely use, but my 128 doesn't have variable brightness. How hard would this be to operate without the vari-bright LED feedback?

    With regards to using the Arc with CV you can do it with a program like Silent Way that will output CV via the audio outputs of an interface. But, that of course takes away from the point of this which seems to be to be mainly the plug and play idea.

  • There's a video on page 2 which demonstrates how the interface differs between models:


    Ultimately, I think it will be harder to learn, but every bit as usable once you've grown into it.

  • "what do people want from the arc in a euro context?"

    i would love to see something like plates (http://monome.org/docs/app:plates)
    maybe you could hold a button down on the module and draw your LFO shape with each knob on your arc... then when you release the button you can scrub through your custom LFO or spin the knob until it gets up to the speed you want it to play back at.
    either two or four LFO's depending on your arc.

    PS: grabbing my WW from CV this week. can't wait!

  • Exactly @mapmap !
    Plates would be amazingly useful in Euro context: both as LFO for modulation, and as envelopes. Being able to crank them into audio range manually would be great as well.
    I made one of those 10-turn attenuators a while ago, and being able to sweep through the voltage range at a higher resolution is really useful/interesting.
    I think Arc firmware for the Whale sounds like a great idea (if I am understanding this right. I would then just get another whale and run the grid firmware on one, and arc firmware on the other :-)

  • thanks for the suggestions. we'll be putting some time into the aleph prior to exploring euro-hacks, but glad to hear some thoughts on this.