Best Flash Card / Reader for Aleph

  • Have a bit of a dumb issue with flash cards and the aleph.

    The blank flash card that came with the aleph is not readable by my (probably not so good, picked up at radio shack) flash card reader.

    The only other flash card that I have is readable by my computer but when I use it in the Aleph, the scrolling is incredibly slow. The scrolling on the other flash card is completely normal, I just can't make any changes to it...

    Is there a way to transfer the scenes from a computer to the aleph via usb? When I plug the aleph into my laptop via usb it shows up as a network device, not a disk.

    Any advice here would be helpful...


  • dope that you got one
    to your questions:

    1. far as i'm aware, you cant transfer scenes thru usb yet

    2. the aleph sd slot is pretty wild (some users have had chronic/persistent issues, some had early issues resolved by variety of adjustments, others have encountered no such hindrances) i'm not sure if there was a definitive answer

    check these older threads [

  • thanks!

    unfortunately i don't own one... yet.

    but i do have one on loan and i'm finally getting around to putting in some time on it!

  • hey, one thing that I think wasn't mentioned in the old threads:
    I switched to a (sandisk) micro sd card with an sd adapter which reduces the pain that the seating of the sd card might bring since you can simply take out the micro card for updates...

  • hey, bumping this thread to ask: what are specs on the sd card that ships with the aleph? i just crushed mine at a gig :(

  • oops should have bumped something in the aleph subsection maybe

  • nevermind figured it out searching. blorf

  • @analogue01 - Mine is a 16 gig. No discernible brand.