white whale!

  • I would love to see an arc granular sampler module but I'm keeping my wish list a bit more realistic ;)

  • chris randall of audio damage... first!


  • Hey there - A quick note, if you preordered from Control Voltage in Portland (and you're not waiting for a prebuilt ext5v) your order is being packed up right now. Tracking number should be in your inbox later this evening and shipped out tomorrow. If you're waiting on a ext5v your order will ship early next week. Also our second batch of White Whales will be in stock this Saturday.


  • hahaha, raja. yeah, it's always great to see someone with a modular doing tonal music with a beat. but that won't prevent me from doing an abstract modular gig with the whale here in singapore early november ;-)

  • Yeah it's not very expensive....but implies you already own a monome.

  • agreed, but honestly, the immediacy of interaction you are getting with a 128 (or 256) and the white whale will most likely make some people buy a monome to go with the whale. i don't have the white whale yet, but it sure as hell is more immediate that my ER-101 sequencer module, which i love to bits nevertheless.

  • “I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing.”

  • ie, mine's in the post!

  • @oootini did you get some notification? from whom? I also ordered on the 9/1 but have not received any update from CV.?..
    ah! the anxiety!

  • vid tutorials coming today.

  • @labourcamp Have you forgotten what it was like to sit out there on that sea ice and watch your arm go gangrenous while we were waiting to be rescued?

  • I've got my notification today from CV :)

  • @oootini I have not forgotten.
    But the lessons learned made me that much more aware of the precious days vanishing. Weeping in mute sorrow.

  • ack. 15 minutes worth of whale tutorial vid uploading. might take a while.

  • i wanna see how to chain sequences and assign pitch maps!

  • this has brought me back into the monome game strong. thanks for this tehn, it's exactly what i imagined the grid should be in a modular system. can't wait to see the extended tutorial videos.

  • I picked up a WW today from control voltage. I only got a chance to mess around with it for a bit this evening but I had it firing off envelope generators and triggering samples on my addac wav player right out of the box.
    I don't quite get the scales + cv pitches yet but I will try a bit more tomorrow.
    I'm hoping that the tutorials help me out a bit.
    Amazing little module. I'm glad to have my Monome as part of my modular now :)

  • @mapmap that is brilliant news, because envelope triggering and kicking my wav player will be the first things i'll do as well when my whale arrives :-)

  • blessed be the seashepherd! while aleph was outside of affordable, this thing is just the thing, moving away from the notebook to a small (very small) euro rig has been a lot of fun. I was looking at sequencing options just before this seafarer appeared in shallow waters… sold.


    @tehn. ( everyone ) arc implementation would be great.

    two thoughts: ( without knowing what is actually possible )
    hows abouts:

    -a sequencer along the lines of:

    __1st encoder:

    initially shows up divided into quarters: ( corresponding to each trig/voltage out )

    click in a quarter to select it revealing the whole arc where one can add notes ( to a 64 step sequence ) -click turn turn click turn click turn turn etc… ( similar in a way to the to the grid version_? ) consecutive notes could hold that voltage ( like a drone )

    click and hold again to exit / move to another quarter…

    __2nd encoder:

    initially shows up divided into quarters:

    click in each quarter to start / stop that sequence

    click hold within each quarter would select how much of the sequence to play ( akin to tml within a sample )

    click again to exit / visit another quarter…

    ( click hold turn at exactly 12 o'clock could adjust tempo if clock in is absent.. ? then there's arc fours… )

    …or something like that.

    -alternately / also:

    arc code developed for specific modules:

    With a phonogene or qbits' nebulae perhaps a tml based granular sample thing might be possible.. ? assuming the right trigger / cv outs could be mapped via the whale..
    Control of pitch / volume via a variable lfo or scrub / grain size might be possible..

    lastly and definitely leastly:
    would the whale be able to see an arc ( as opposed to a grid ) and reference code accordingly or would you need to replace the firmware..?

    just my two cents…. -much respect for all the thought and design work thats gone into making this possible.

  • @leaflitter the big thing about Arc is that the new/current versions of it do not have the clickable wheels... So whatever is designed for Arc, will need to consider that. Good thing is that there is a button on the Whale module, so that button can offer an extended functionality on the Arc. For example clicking on the module button toggles (or cycles through a series if there is more than two) functional sets on the Arc: Click once, and all wheels do something, click again, they all now do something else etc. I can see that working really well.

    And tehn already mentioned in this thread, that they will not be building a specific module for the Arc, but that ther might/will be an alt. firmware for the Whale that will work with the Arc.

  • vids are taking forever to upload, apologies...

  • what is the eta?

  • It works for the good old 40h???

  • Watching these videos using grid in conjunction with Eurorack modules is great. I definitely need to check out the possibilities of euroracks. Never thought i could use my grid in more ways, than with my laptop

  • wow! awesome
    How we will get the mid right button features like the ALT and CV2 from a 64?


  • @pauk I think it's all dynamic. ie those buttons will be there on the 64

  • I bought one. I'm looking forward to the 256 mod firmware, but will it work with the 256 at all out of the box?

  • It will. Tehn said somewhere that with the current firmware the whale will only use the top half of the 256. It'll work fine.

  • correct re: 256.

    finally got fast internet. uploading last two parts now.

  • on the 64 the top row is dynamic. the cv A/B selectors are 1 key instead of 4 wide. alt moved to upper-left, series right next to that, for a full row. everything else scales gracefully.

  • Wow, just watched the last two tutorials. The whale is even deeper that I thought. Brilliant (!) job everyone.

  • i've gotta stop watching these...i want one so bad..

  • oh these look so much fun!

    glyph saving q - when you say do this on the right of the grid - it doesn't mean that you can't do this with the left side too?

    64 on my brain...


  • glyph is for 128 only.

    all videos uploaded. added to docs.


    will be working on the text docs and have some help with a graphical version as well.

  • Just watched all tutorial videos: FANTASTIC!

  • It blows my mind.
    Can the scales be edited and saved ? can you make microtonal scales the the fine value editing ?

  • Both my 128's are still externally powered. Does that mean I don't need the 5v adapter thingie?

  • my favorite review of the white whale so far

    "this is what it must have been like for cocaine users when crack came along...." - hamildad (muffwiggler forum user)

  • OK, my Whale arrived this morning.
    And it truly is incredible!
    It can instantenuously transform the synth. And if, like me, you enjoy the "hands on" quality of modular, then monome enhances it exponentially.

  • image

    1936 x 2592 - 1M
  • Wow, there's a lot to this. Can't wait to try it. Adding a feature for swing would be a really nice addition.

  • Just alter the clock tempo going into Whale for some subtle drift... @jessemiller