Meadowphysics Scene for Aleph

  • I know that there's a Meadowphysics op 'MP' but how does it work? What else does it need to get it functioning? I'd love to be able to run just the aleph/grid with a modular synth.
    Anyone made a scene?

  • i had a little look, basically there are are outputs for each row, what not give it a shot building it yourself :) it would be a good BEES learning case I think :)
    starter plan -
    - create a meadowphysics operator,
    - create a metro, connect the metro to the MP step input, (enable the metro ;) )
    - create 8 MUL operators,
    - connect each of the outputs from the MP to a different multiplier (the MULA input),
    - connect the MUL outputs to the 4 CV values, (maybe in pairs? so 1st and 2nd Mul go to CV 0, and so on)
    plug your aleph CV outputs into your modular world!
    adjust the MUL/B values for each of the multipliers to change what it does when the end of the MP rows trigger :)
    - dance or cry

    (the CV tutorial might help too ? - )

  • you're a legend duncan, i'll give it a go (yes i have been a bit slack with the aleph as it's too much fun making tunes out of your awesome scenes!)

  • good luck! btw i saw in one of your videos you had CV inputs going into the aleph, have you got these to work reliably/consistently?

  • i've found them to be stable and reliable but i haven't been using them for anything precise enough to tell you how accurately they've been working, i'm hoping that with meadowphysics i'll be able to take a gate or pulse in so as to have the modular as the master clock (clocking from the aleph isn't very tight at the moment..)
    RE. meadowphysics, i have made the above (attached) for a grid 128, i can get the master counter running but nothing else seems to happen on rows 2-8 on the grid (i.e.. they don't countdown). when i change the values of MUL's 1-4 it outputs a static cv to CV 0-3 but nothing changes (changing MUL 5-8 results in no change..)

  • Anyone else looked into Meadowphysics?

  • I've played around with it a bit. It works great. It works happily with modular triggering its clock too. For me STEP does not work as well with the modular gate clocking it. Strange double triggering occurs that doesn't in Meadowphysics.

    Basics of Meadowphysics:
    Row one is master clock, to get any other row to advance it has to be linked to Row one.
    Hold the master clock row 1 column 1 button down then push any button on the row you want it to trigger once it counts down. That row lights up. Now its linked. Push the row again to unlink it. All of the rows that its linked to are also lit up.

    Now release the master clock row 1 column 1 button and set the start point for the linked row. Push the column of the row to choose where you want its start point to be for counting down.

    The new row should count down now also.

    The fun begins when you add in rules using the two left button presses.
    Theres a good explanation of how that works here.

    Rule is selected by pushing two left buttons on the row you want to trigger the rule then pressing right most column to select rule. The row that it is applied to is selected by pushing middle column of the row you want.


  • can you upload your scene?
    i understand how meadowphysics works (see my vids), are there additional operators or routing that i need to get it working with the aleph/monome?
    (the description of the op and meadowphysics isn't very helpful...)

  • I'm not sure what your issue is. Your scene works here. I have all 8 rows happily counting down together. I'd suggest turning on the Aleph with grid not connected to it. Then go to the scene load screen and hit clear. Then load the scene. Then after it is loaded plug in your grid128. Then hold button 1 row 1 column 1 and hit column 3 or greater on row two. Row two should now count down whenever row 1 clock hits 0. I get weird things if I don't clear the scene before loading it or have grid128 plugged into the Aleph before the scene using grid128 is loaded up.

    Hope that helps.

  • That worked! Sweet! Thanks man. I'll test it out

  • the monome side of things is all good, but am gonna have to go over the cv tutorials a few times not getting any changes in cv out's.... :(

  • Were you able to get the CV out to work?

    I'd like Meadowphysics to generate a gate signal at the CV outs to create some interesting polyrhythms.

    The best I could do was get a voltage gate signal generated every other meadowphysics event by using the TOG operator and then multiplying that by a number to get the CV output to a reasonable gate voltage.

    If I just look at the meadowphysics output using BIGNUM it gives me a constant value of 1. I'm not sure how to generate a pulse out on every event countdown it does. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? I'm sure there must be some sort of method for extracting a pulse on event generation but outside of my rather kludgey Toggle attempt I'm lost.


  • i haven't had anytime to go over the tutes and won't for a while, hopefully someone will crack it and share their scene with us (hopefully if the network isn't too complex we'll be able to add it to a pre-existing audio effect scene)

  • So here is the scene I described above with Meadowphysics kind of doing what I want it to.

    It generates a gate pulse at cv outs 1 for rows 1 and 2, 2 for 3 and 4, 3 for 5 and 6, and 4 for 7 and 8.

    Unfortunately I have to run the clock at twice the rate to get it to work. Using toggle only gives me a trigger at the cv outs every other countdown of a row. I can't figure out how to generate a gate signal on every countdown. It seems to just go high with the gate signal and stay high. If someone could explain how to create a gate on EACH event that would be great.

    Its quite fun otherwise.

  • Holy shit! Nice share. I will be checking this out Sunday for sure.

  • Thanks, @rayce. Having a good time with this thing.

  • Ok finally figured out how to create a transient out of an event on message like the one Meadowphysics generates. Meadowphysics output goes to a multiplier that creates a start value for an Accumulater which counts down to 0 (using a metro) with wrap off.

    Is checks to see if its greater that 0 as long as it is it multiplies with the output of grid. Once it counts down to 0 it turns the cv output off. Next grid event resets the accumulator.

    So now the mp_gate scene triggers a gate on each countdown of meadowphysics instead of every other one.

    Still to do I'd like to use a gate in as the clock instead of internal. I'll get to that later.

  • Sweet! Nice work! Shame I've gotta send my aleph off for repair but looking forward to tearing this out when it comes back!

  • Sweet. Thanks for the update, @rayce.

  • Final tweak. Now uses gate in on cv in 0 for clock source. Buttons 0-3 mute the 4 gates on and off and row two suppresses row 1 gate to allow for gate 1 to give something other than a constant clock gate output.

    For internal clock just disconnect the output of 10.cvin/val0->MPStep and set 12.Metro output to ->MPStep.

    Plugged the four gates into my D1000 today for the most fun I've had yet with the Aleph.

  • don't want to send it for repair now..

  • This is still really awesome, by the way.