recommend some basic midi CC patches for my 128 and ARC4

  • I'm putting together a very basic setup to control Live, er, live. I'll be using a Push controller for transport and clip launching. I'd like to use my Arc4 and Grid128 as midi controllers. We're talking basic stuff...turning plugs off and on, adjusting values, such as on a filter.

    Insanity for the Grids seems pretty cool. I like that it gives you multiple pages and the choice of either button presses or fader moves.

    Returns is more or less doing the trick for the Arc4...I just wish there was a way to get multiple 'pages' of it going, so I could control more than just 4 values within a session.

    I've tried most of the others on the main app page. Also, all of the Max4Live iterations seem over-cooked or fraught with limitations. Are there any that are kind of the defacto standard for this application? Either stand alone max patches or M4live?


  • The problem with Max For Live is that you don't really have multi-channel output. You can control parameters across tracks, but sending notes to multiple instruments means send/receive pairs with increased latency. And even the parameter stuff is much harder for developers to build than mappable CCs. So to some extend, the defacto standard is to stick with the max runtime for a lot of applications.

  • Take a look at this Arc2MIDI m4l device I did some time ago ... Maybe it could be of any use :

    For the grid, I use pages's built-in options for MIDI (-fader page, etc)

    If you're looking for some xy-pads I recently made this utility that might be useful :