white whale!

  • just finished using the whale to control the phonogene. you can get some mlr style sample slicing going on. create some slices on the phonogene then use cv A out on the whale to jump around to different slices using cv on the "organize" control. rad!

  • @bc3 : but can you also record the jumping? second row, movement recording, is it possible?

    by the way, to all of you in europe, escape from noise said they will have white whales around end of september..!

  • Regarding phonogene/mlr :
    could it be possible to make a 16 degrees scale splitting the 10V (or whatever the cv input range of the organize parameter needs) into equal segments ?

  • I caved just ordered...

  • It's a different story, but i'd love a sequencer like this but just with triggers.
    i can easily imagine something that would be a trigger riot killer.

  • So, just wanted to chime in on the power issue and say that I have been using it WITHOUT any external power (so, just the USB plugged directly into Whale) and everything seems stabile in my big case. This is sitting in a Monorocket MX104. The Whale is on the bottom row of the skiff side, with a little 5V adapter thingy that activates 5V support on the bottom bus board.

  • @laborcamp: which version monome do you have? i just bought the mutable volts 5v adapter for my doepfer case. hopefully it does the trick. trying to avoid another power adapter.

  • @seank a loaded 6u and a white whale might push the doepfer supply beyond the limits...

  • @oootini: i have a doepfer monster case and monster base. i think i might be ok. the only other energy vampire sharing a board with the WW is my metropolis (195ma).

  • @seank I have the walnut 128 varibrightness, and I think it's the 2012 release.

  • check the docs for a list of scales included. there are some microtonal. you can of course transpose them up to different ranges by fixed amounts.

    swing, that could be a feature add. it's a little tricky in this context to make complete sense with the other features. you could of course clock it externally.

  • many cases will work without the ext5v.

    but-- you may find (i do on mine) that that audio signal is *much* cleaner without the digital grid noise getting into the main power system. i can hear a tiny bit of high freq refresh noise from the LED drivers, and i personally find it annoying.

  • i'll be posting up the code on github soon so we can have an issue/feature tracker.

  • @tehn: thanks. that's exactly what i was curious about.

  • there's a 10V / 16 scale split in the CV Map mode presets. it's the key right above the cancel key. i need to make a legend, apologies for the delay.

  • oh man, a legend would be so great.

    i'm loving the WW so far and i've only scratched the surface.

  • Alright, so no ability to make our own scales. Not a big deal, but it would have been fun.

  • What do you think, as a Eurorack beginner, I thought, I could start with a Doepfer Dark Energy II, a White Whale and my monome. And if I like it, I could expand to other modules.
    Are there any reasons against this procedure?

  • it sounds like a great way to start.

  • i'm not good with electronics...will the white whale 9and grid 128) draw too much on a tiptop audio uzeus (nothing in mine is using the 5v) http://www.tiptopaudio.com/zeusmicro.php
    or a make noise power bus board (according to modular grid I'm using 126 mA on the 5v)

  • neither of those provide enough juice on the 5v rail... white whale will draw a maximum of 600ma from the 5v rail.

    the make noise one has "an upgrade available to 1.4A @ 5Vdc" if you have this then you are good.

  • bummer....power supply suggestions?
    or something like this?

  • but the modules come with a diy kit, don't they ?

  • i don't want another wall wart..

  • hmm. that free lunch one is interesting - it uses the -12v line.

  • so there's also make noise and mutable instruments 5v options..

    here are my two cases.



    which of the three 5v options you think would be best?

  • @bkinsman what is supplying power to the 6u section and how much does it have on all three rails +/-12 and +5

  • @companyofquail 6u is Make noise powered busboard and 3u is uzeus

  • @tehn any updates on the firmware upgrade for mk kits? just got everything in and i'm excited to make some sounds! this module is incredibly well built, more so than many other modules in my rack.

  • Damn it, I had the White Whale sent to the wrong address, been waiting for it at my office... :(
    Supposedly there's a USPS note at my house somewhere.

  • @ labourcamp, -yes, good point about the arcs. ( seems like a tricky platform, not least due to it's four variations… )
    I should have looked more closely at the module before posting…
    - any kind of arc-whale would be a thing of wonder.

    it'll be interesting to see weather arduinomes work…-if so maybe we'll see an embedded grid/whaleph from the depths appearing somewhere in the wild with patch leads for tentacles. .. that'd be something.

  • @Active: does that mean that right now the grids build from kits are not running?

  • @evs it looks like it. it turns on when 5vadpt is connected, but nothing appears on the monome when connected to ww. i had a not to similar problem with sum.

  • @active: mk firmware update in the works today.

    @chapelier fou: yes, you can make your own scales. there's extensive editing ability. the list of scales are just presets to start with. you can copy patterns and keep your scales, save them to flash, etc.

  • something that is potentially confusing to people:

    the ext5v module is to power the *grid* only. the module will always need internal 5v-- a very small amount of 5v to keep running.

    also-- the 600ma is a guideline figure. the grids will likely be powered and work when a supply provides less-- it's just that you'll be maxing out the supply, and i wouldn't suggest pushing limits and not expect something weird to happen.

    freelunch works well. i've tested it.

  • @tehn i love you! take your time since my life will be non existent once you release it =o)

  • if anyone is at knobcon in chicago i will have a white whale and a varibright 128 there. not sure if i can get it on a table yet but if not i will let anyone come to my room and try it out.

  • @companyofquail thanks for representing!

  • @tehn : please make a MLR module! one that can also record cv! (and audio, of course..)

    pretty please (with sugar on top)

  • holy crap, that knobcon site is so nerdy :D
    (seriously, would love to be there)

  • Just plugged in the White Whale...and I'm blown away.
    What a great module! Thanks Monome for building this...It works right out the box with my walnut 128. :)
    I'll post some vids soon.

  • Yeah, this is a terrific module. Thanks, gang.

  • @raja yes, i hope to have the code up and toolchain setup docs posted by the end of the week!

    glad it's working out for y'all. more to come.

  • Can't wait for the module to arrive, and the code being released. thanks tehn!

  • Tehn,
    Starting to think about this to go with my mk. While I'm still hoping for a firmware fix for the mk with sum (and some help figuring out why it won't detect on windows) this seems like a possible solution for cv generation and interaction. Do you happen to know if this would also interface with the arduinome software?

  • this should work with an arduinome but it's not tested.

    mk firmware being tested now.