arc delta resolution?

  • i apologize if this has been addressed already but does anyone know the max amount of delta is attainable from the arc?


  • it depends on the speed of turning. it should be able to output quite a large value with a 2012. i'd calibrate your expectations by experimentation of "reasonable" spinning.

  • my question is of what comes out of the arc itself, specifically, when using osc. if i understand correctly, when listening to delta at some address it reports an amount of change in position. the max amount of delta i have seen reported is around 90-110. i believe your answer was addressing the question of what is the max resolution of values an arc can produce.

  • In an ideal world, the maximum reported delta would be 1. Higher numbers are an optimization artifact, and they'll vary from computer to computer, if not session to session. You're asking how many messages are consolidated between samples; I don't think that's regulated by software, or by the arc hardware. (and as tehn mentions, the previous model will give very different results)

  • the reality is that encoder data can quickly outpace usb throughput given the high resolution, hence deltas of greater than one.