white whale!

  • is there a way to toggle the individual trigger outputs on/off? say you had some drums running and you wanted to kill the snare or something. if the top left 4 pads that show the trigger outputs could function that way, i would be very happy.

    and if i missed this in the docs, someone educate me please!

  • presently not a single key "channel mute" per trigger number. will consider how this might work.

  • good suggestion @seank !

  • @tehn: that would make this pretty awesome for me. i'm using it for percussion stuff and it's nice to bring stuff in and out without having to create a whole new pattern. those 4 pads in the top left corner seem like the perfect spot for mutes.

  • ohh mutes is a great idea.

    Some ideas I've had are gate lengths or simple AR ADSR from the trig outs. I don't know how flexible those outs are in the soft/hardware.

    heh and of course, ties.

  • anyone gonna upload anything cool they've made? i'm still waiting for mine...

  • there is a a lot of "pages" and button presses to get my head around. i must admit i'm getting a bit lost.

    i need to write down a little cheat sheet of the button combos and how to get out of the various pages. it seems like there isn't a "top level" page, which is kind of confusing to me.

    to me, the default "cv curve" page is the top level page but really it isn't - it's on parity with the "cv map" mode/page.

    so to me, the hierarchy of options is a bit confusing - there is no "top page".

    i'd like to have a top level page, maybe like a performance page that i could easily back out of whatever i was doing to get back to. then i'd know exactly where i was, and maybe it would be easier to toggle off options and modes.

    quite probable that i just need to get used to it a bit more.

  • @oootini just think of the top row (0) as the main navigation menu between the TRIGGERS, and the two CV output areas. So, instead of "top page", you just have that "top bar" or "top menu"...
    With the "alt" button in the top right corner being the master modifier that affects displays and behaviors of multiple layers within each of the main areas...
    I think the functionality is laid out very intuitively. You can tell that it really is informed by many hours of user experiences.
    For me the only remaining area that feels most challenging is the scales mapping . I am not really sur what is what, and certainly have no clue how to save the user scales or manage the existing ones.

  • cv map is the confusing part, but also very powerful. we'll be working on some additional tutorials on this.

  • @laborcamp ok cool. that's a really good way to think about it.

  • @tehn I totally agree that this extends the use and functional reach of the WW exponentially! I wish that there was a way to navigate that with ease similar to the way all other features are resolved! :-)
    The CV curve modes feel very intuitive (the implementation of th PARAm knob with this is super effective [although it often makes me wish that there was at least one CV. input on the Whale, so that you could "record" incoming CV into the sequences... which would be a lovely way to have it become a kind of CV sampler: great way to maintain the tradition of monome style of sampling/chopping/performing but in the native modular language]) Even a single CV input would open up a lot of possibilities... could be multifunctional as well, where a user could set it so that it becomes a CV control over playback behaviors, or scales/map switching etc.

  • ha. no I'm getting it now. more or less.

  • hey I've got thick skin. I also write about boring software for a day job. I like thinking about this stuff.

  • just got the whale and having it in a makenoise shared system and powering grid via ext5v. I noticed that when clocking the whale externally(via echophone clk out or wogglebug) and if i removed the cable to clock input, the internal clock would take over, run a few steps and just stopped without the trigger firing off.

    i tried it couple of times and its responding the same, external clock in all working fine till going back to internal clock. Not sure if its a bug or other issues. Anyone had that happening?

  • i'll check out the external triggering. that's bizarre that it would stop after a few steps.

  • thanks tehn!

  • Received mine today. What a pleasure. Working perfectly here in my full old doepfer case with MI volts.
    Just frustrated to have the bottom half of the 256 empty.
    Than you very much !!

  • @chapelier fou it should be "tehn you very much !!" :-)

  • UPDATE on power.

    Even though my grid/WW worked just fine powered directly by the case, I did listen more carefully for the whine tehn described, and yes: it was there. So, I did get the ext5V just to have the option of clean signal for recording.


    When you do get the ext5V it comes with the power supply and the adapter for connecting the grid USB, but you will also need to get another USB cable, which does not come with the ext5V kit. So, plan accordingly.

  • my modular psu is a diy music from outerspace bipolar 12v wall wart (no 5v)

    instead of an adaptor - would it be possible to just run a separate 5v supply for both the WW and 128?

  • anyone have any lucks updating the ww? i'm running into problems. =o(

  • @Active What updates are you asking about?
    To my knowledge there were no official updates to White Whale... yet.

  • @Active: maybe make a new thread about updating? we were working through the update procedure yesterday and ironed out a few kinks but brian had to update a file and i'm not 100% sure it got uploaded... will check it out, but would help to know your specifics.

  • @laborcamp just for the mk kit firmware.

    @galapagoose i shall tomorrow after i give it another shot. in the meantime i've been working through it and wow! this is opening up a new modular game.

  • @shellfritsch: you'd ned to power both the rail and the 128-- you could do this with some splitting, but ideally you're trying to have the rail and 128 on separate supplies-- one clean (rail) and one dirty (grid).

    @active: new thread and we'll make it work

    @si: i tested my ext trigger with various sources (granted i don't have many) and it works as expected. what happens if you start up the system with internal clock, jack in an unpatched cable (it should stop clocking) then unjack? does it continue running just fine?

  • @tehn, i will try it out and report back.

  • It's awesome that firmware updates will be this easy. Thanks.

    I really love white whale and would be excited about a 256 mod firmware!

  • great photo, looks like fun.

  • @tehn thank you! it IS a lot of fun! ;-)

  • yo, you lot...vids please? show us what you're doing with em!

  • http://youtu.be/DxJ5xS_EwJA

    a simple video. Basic triggering and pattern change.

    WW Trigger 1 and 2 hitting rene and cv to DPO 1v/oct and DPO out into optomix. Trigger 3 and 4 into maths for some envelope action and output channel 1&4 to optomix. Randomness from wogglebug to maths trigger input for extra sound.

    longer video with some knobs twiddling and more randomness. Theres more bleeps and bloopss in here

  • been using the mutable instruments peaks module with the white whale. instant drum triggering fun using the whale to trigger the "drum mode" on peaks!

  • hello
    after some help please, i've got a diy 40h (not from an official kit i'm afraid, but it runs on an Atmel ATmega32 16pu chip from 'bibo' with 40h firmware loaded and works well on a PC) trying to get it to work with the white whale, on plugging it in the start up LED graphic flashes on as normal but then nothing, the white whale clock light is flashing and changes speed with the knob; it also slaves to a clock i patch into it

    i see the 40h is supported but would there be a reason why a diy one would not work?
    thanks for any help

  • what's the serial number on the ftdi chip? try changing it to m40h0000 using piraterename/etc

  • many thanks for the quick response

    serial number was m40h-0001
    ive tried m40h0000 and m40h-0000 both with same result, start-up led pattern flashes on - then all blank


  • I've honestly recorded many hours already of modular ideas with the white whale. Super nice to setup a patch then sit back with a 128 and start composing. ;)

  • mine arrived today!!! omfg

  • I got to play with it yesterday for the first time. Instant love! Much sooner than expected, my modular is independent! Can't wait to check all the features like scales...
    (And probably hack around the firmware sometime:))

  • @citizen
    great to hear this- i imagine using the whale in a similar way once i've some music making time. it seems a really nice tool to explore a mostly predefined patch, and compose more traditional music rather than a 100% systems-based approach.

  • Sorry if this has been answered already, but does anyone know if the power supply being shipped with the preassembled ext5v is 120V only, or will it work with 240V?

  • it's universal: 110-240v compatible

  • Is there a way to grab the presets from one While and transfer them to another White Whale?

    ...a way that doesn't involve soldering, higher math, or sorcery.

  • My two top ideas for potential implementation in the potential firmware update still are:

    -gate output option added to the triggers
    -mutes for individual outputs


    I was just thinking recently, that adding a TILT output option to the CV outputs would be awesome as well! This could be implemented as the third options to selecting either Curve, Map, or Tilt, where one CV output could be horizontal, and the other vertical tilt. setting one of the CV outputs to tilt function, while the other cotrols pitch would offer a nice expressive quality, when for example controlling timbre or some form of modulation or processing...

    what you think? :-)

  • +1 for mutes!
    By gate, do you mean the signal being on high for a whole step? Or even user selectable divisions per step? Not sure how it would serve me, but sounds useful.