new app: meadowphysics

  • meadowphysics in both contexts just spits out 8 triggers. on the computer teletype is a way of interpreting that data with scripting and a nice little poly-synth.

    on the aleph it's a good fit to trigger dsyn, though i don't think many people have worked extensively beyond that. it would be possible to create similarly interesting sounds using aleph-waves as the synthesizer, though would need a different interface than the screen intensive teletype.

    so no, it's not in alpha – it's complete! though there is much room to create a more interesting system to accept the MP output, and do something more interesting with it.

  • Is there any doc page about that beyond the little blurb on the aleph "scenes" page?
    How would I go about "pointing" the data from meadow physics on aleph to one thing or another?


  • from the operators reference page ( the outputs are O0 to O7 for the 8 triggers from top to bottom of MP. it's probably not obvious but in the aleph a 'trigger' is represented by sending a number '1'.

    in terms of what you can do with those triggers you're best bet is to have a look at the bees tutorials on how to build scenes. once you have a grip on how to make connections try using MP to trigger the sounds in aleph-dsyn as a good introduction on how one might use the trigger outputs.

  • I am having a rough time getting meadow physics to work , I'm using an grayscale monome 64 and windows 7 and I have no problems running monome sum app or party van , so when I open teletype-synth.maxpat and meadowphysics in max runtime 6 i dont see where to find my monome 64 in meadowphysics app is it just suppose to connect when I click the ON button? When I turn meadow physics on I see parameter changes in teletype-synth by no lights on the monome , no monome action whatsoever , can anyone point me in the path to infinite monome jams ?

  • @glooms is your serial osc up to date?

  • I believe so , do I need to run serial osc max patch in runtime to connect my monome to meadowphysics or should the option show up in te meadow physics app if I have the new serial osc?

  • okay so ive installed the latest serial osc for windows and put the zeroconf files in my max essentials , still dont see my device in the meadowphysics app...

  • "bpatcher:error loading patcher serialosc.maxpat" ... i must have done something wrong when installing the new serialosc

  • okay figured it out! just had to drop the serialosc.maxpat into my meadowphysics folder! thanks for the help/motivation :)

  • this app is beautiful sounding! L U S H chords! now how to i add some drums? can i open this in monome sum?

  • i feel like im creating synths for the forest temple in the legend of zelda, ocarina of time.. ^_^

  • @duncan_speakman "If you wanted to work with oscs in your modular set-up you you could run this without the computer .. just add the meadowphyiscs operator to skitter and have it send CV out :)"

    I really need to put more time into building within aleph...

  • the penny has dropped!!

    slowly getting my head around meadowphysics, it's a beautiful piece of software.
    i won't go too deep into the actual patch itself as this is more of example/exercise of meadowphysics than the modular itself.
    grid 128 running meadowphysics/teletype into the aleph/grid 64 running streppa (step sequenced filter bank type thingy..) then into the modular for additional processing with multiple other elements added.
    i had a bit of trouble with uploading this one so please excuse any sync issues, also sorry for the ball scratch mid way thru..

    question: how does the MP OP work on the aleph? what else do i need to use to make it work?

  • anyone made a meadowphysics aleph sequencer scene yet?

  • Hey guys, in teletype-midi, is there any way to have separate midi-outs for each note? I'd like to send each note to a different instance of Aalto, but am having trouble figuring out how.

  • Hey I didn't ask the question but wanted the same! I works when your separate the messages with a ;. Like "note chan 3; note next 2;" Thanks a lot Raja to bring me noob on the way…

  • Bumping this thread, since it's now on a third device, Euro!

  • Spent a couple hours with it yesterday. Finally wrapped my head around the Meadow Physics part, and I feel like a Monome Ninja!

    ...Now if I only understood Teletype! Haha. I get the general idea, I'm sure a little time poking and typing around with it and I'll be loving it.

    I am so excited for generative and deep tools like this to become more integrated with the modular synth. Inspired!

  • Just keep in mind that meadowphysics itself is just the counters and only outputs midi/cv triggers/gates etc (depending on what you're running it on), with teletype its great and rather easy to get awesome results but using it with a modular is a whole other beast.

  • Q: in the Meadowphysics patch itself, what does the ms setting control? I assume that stands for milliseconds...but...what?

    Currently building a little modular patch by routing the Teletype midi out through Expert Sleepers!


  • just mirrors the bpm...der.

  • here's a lame instagram vid of the patch. I find the Teletype midi patch to be a little glitchy with my setup, but at least it was a good lesson to understand Meadowphysics ahead of the module release.

  • I'm just getting started on the whole Monome/Grids journey, really loving Meadowphysics more than I thought I would.

    I was going to post a few questions, but I'm kind of enjoying the eureka moments when it starts to make sense through trial and error. I'll see you in a few days when I'm totally stuck.

  • rocknroll

  • Sorry to be lame, but will there be meadowphysics eurorack module tutorial like those for white whale? Also, will any modules use the full 256 or do I get an excuse to put a 128 on the list?

  • tutorial is up. also trent did a fantastic job with the text docs.

    ww visual docs still coming, the graphic formatting is done.

  • the euroracks are going to focus on the 128 form factor. any 256 firmware mods are going to be "mods" as such-- the apps will never be designed for the 256 or 64 specifically.

    we've decided to do this for a few reasons. we really believe in the 128 size. the 256 will likely not be produced in the future, without a substantial change in demand-- and there aren't very many 256s out in the world as is. we like the 64 but it is substantially confined.

    given euro is a new platform we decided to focus on the 128. the other sizes are fully supported in the laptop context, and the firmware for the modules is open if highly-dedicated users want to adapt the euro hardware.

    that said, i should be able to add some simple 256 mods to WW in the next firmware update.

  • just played a bit with meadowphysics for the first time. this is app is amazing!! thanks tehn!

  • I've been playing with teletype midi to ChucK and have been having fun but I can't get the preset system to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Right, I am back with questions,

    1) Is there anyway to choke group a set of triggers, other than via velocity "note vel 0" ? (which my Volca doesnt recognise)

    2) Am I right in saying that without Max there is no way to alter the MIDI channel? I tried to put in 'note chan 11; note 0' to send the first note to MIDI channel 11, but no dice.

    3) I am not sure what the values on 'note next' and 'note prev' are about?

    4) Finally, is there anyway to a specify the note as a MIDI note number, rather than using the on screen keyboard and counting up from 0?

    Meadowphysics has been the surprise of my Monome experience so far. really enjoying the mixture of scripting triggers and then playing with those scripts using the Grid.

  • +1 with hamildad.
    On my side ,I was thinking about a notion of range with rand.
    @botstein is there a way to have fun with MP and Chuck???.. :-)

  • midi channel is not implemented.

    note next and note prev simply send the next/prev note in the sequence based on the most recently sent note. so if you do note 4, then note next, note next is note 5. etc.

    midi note numbers aren't implemented.

    rand has ranges already, right?

    teletype could be built out with many more features. if you'd like to make suggestions, add them here:

  • So going by the above this module isn't written to run a 64 like the ww? I was planning on using the 64 specifically with it..ww I wanted to keep the 128 specially for and mp I never really use more that 6-8 columns even with my computer/aleph and I have no intention of hot swapping cables cos I think it's wack...bummer..

  • works with 64, don't worry.

  • @tehn
    Yes,we have rand with range,sorry,I was not clear:
    we can have note rand note range 0 4; ?

  • Hi, what a device! Congrats for such a great development.
    I was wondering...Seems like the meadowphysics euro module would be perfect for a trigger sequencer like on a 909/808. Also it would be great to implement the loop feature on the White whale.
    So my question is: What do i need to modify / learn to use the meadowphysics euro module for other triggering apps? Modifying the original? Can you import exisiting apps and send them to the meadowphysics euro module?
    Sorry, im a complete noob on the coding!

  • applications on the euros must be written in c.

    check out

  • this app is so deep

    the tutorial video helped me realize the power of connecting rules from one row to another

    been pairing this with dysn and having loads of fun

  • a easy one: how to add midi sync to mp? or just a audio/metronome/midi/whatever way to trigger manual step on mp? :)

  • It might be my "soul app" !
    As @gli said the modular tutorial helps a lot.
    + 1 for midi sync
    + 1 for midi channel implementation
    + 1 for more cc's
    + 1 for every thing else !

  • I've now FINALLY got my cv pal soldered and its working great. this + Grid gives me 4 channels of triggers/gates for my modular without the need for the MP module. its a good taster whilst I see if its worth getting the full module.

    its £35 for the module and if you have a grids/modular I think its worth it for the MP integration alone.

    its just a shame there is no stand alone White Whale app to see if thats something I'd like to try as a module.

    I just need to think of col ways to use the other 4 triggers (either as rules to affect the notes 0-3) or a cc changes to my DAW.

  • i finally got into this app the past couple weeks. so amazing. kinda similar to xor…but so much more…

    <3 teletype

  • first off, gotta say, phenomenal app 'suite'. It reminds me a lot of xor (which I loved) with a lot more stuff bolted on.

    Since I also wanted to be able to send notes out on multiple channels, I followed @RajaTheResidentPoser advice above, fired up Max and managed to use rewire to get teletype to send notes to multiple midi buses and channels in Reason (main synth I use). I ended up tacking on a DAW control as I couldn't get the ~rewire object to output to Reason any other way.. I also didn't try real hard.

    Does anyone have a quick explanation of how the different rules work on a 64gs? I've got linking down in MP but I can't get rules to work at all... any advice is appreciated.

    834 x 788 - 112K
  • I love this, however, constantly banging my head, as I can't get either teletype or meadowphysics to work properly with the grid.