Still worth getting an original // non-varibright monome this day & age?

  • While I realize it limits the visual feedback one can get, many of you made due for many years without such niceties.

    Do most modern patches assume the availability of variable brightness? I've seen many that have an option to disable it, but I'd assume this isn't quite standardized yet. Is it difficult to hack a patch that expects variable brightness?

    I've been spending a lot of time w/ launchpad + gridlocked and have more or less decided to get a monome proper, but you can save a pretty good deal of $ by going the non-varibright route, just don't want to feel badly about it and end up selling it at a loss in 3 months... (fwiw, I'm the type of person that stays a generation behind on gaming consoles and computers as well, haha).

    Sorry if this is treaded turf, a cursory search didn't seem to offer much info in this regards.


  • good question

    it all depends

    are you comfortable making or tweaking with max/pd/chuck/or supercollider? what are your fav apps & which "modern patches" are you interested in trying?

  • any edition of the monome grids provide value and you can certainly do awesome things without this feature. you'll have loads of fun, but may find it limiting in the future

    after mulling it over for a while, my answer to your main question became: no

    so i sold my gs64 & saved a bit to get a vb128

  • I own a GS64 since one year.I spend a lot of time with it and I got a lot of fun with it!
    Just the facts...
    (Uh?What is varibrightness?)

  • i personally love the look and feel (weight) of the gs128. variable brightness would be nice i suppose, but really like the pure white led's! always wished there was an upgrade options to add variable brightness, but no go. i'm sticking with the gs for now.

  • yeah

    nothing looks/feels as good as the greyscale series (imo)

    still wish the arc had gotten gs treatment

  • Everyone's talking about how great the GS line is – how about the original walnut? :) Still worth going non-varibright for?

  • well

    your question was about the led brightness...strip away the handful of comments on the led colour and the weight/style of the enlosure: greyscales and the walnut series are identical (in terms of led variation)

    see this thread [ ] for further breakdown and analysis

    also [ ]

  • almost all established apps work perfectly with monobright. they're very useful tools.

    if you're intending to use the modular stuff heavily, i'd suggest a varibright. we're putting a lot into the vari interfaces, because you have no computer screen as a secondary reference. the vari helps make things understandable.

  • I got a non varibright Grid 64 recently for a good price.

    I wasn't sure about using monome, and thought if I still use it a year later i can upgrade to a varibright 128.

    list your top 5 apps and if they all have increased functionality then go for a varibright, but a monobright is a good introduction and as you said easier on the wallet.

  • wise words

  • gli! Yes, sorry, didn't mean to diminish the value of the responses, but a lot of the answers took into hardy concern the form factor of the gs :)

    Thanks for the comparison link, I hadn't come across that before. Does break things down nicely. (as does the thread!)

    @raja thanks for the great feedback – Will post more in depth when I get home wrt intentions && max experience && patches, but I think I'll likely pull the trigger... will make getting a varibright down the line all the more exciting! Like learning to play on a cheap guitar, makes you better once you get a good one ;)

  • true.

    hope you find one for a decent price!

  • @tehn that's good to know about the modular/vari. I'd likely get a white whale somewhere down the road, but I think that's a good ways off as of yet. Maybe once I move out of the city and can afford my every whim :p

    Got my first taste of monome/modular happiness the other day running parc into the microbrute which output gate/pitch. Tis a nice way to work and ditching the computer would be great ;D

    (that said, I found looking at my screen almost completely unnecessary after setting up pitch data and such, was quite refreshing!)

  • where can we hear some tunes @rbxbx ?

  • @gli recorded this the other night – sum & parc & modular & some pedals :)

    Did a few other bits w/ the monome as well, but nothing I felt was good enough to share publicly. Excited to continue learning the apps and metaphors and such, it's been a fun way to work on music.