Double 8-step sequencer using STEP and Waves

  • Hello guys, I have been working on a double 8-step sequencer with some funny functions, using Waves and a Grid. It's still quite of a work in progress but I am already having a lot of fun with it. Still, I am waiting so much for the next version of Bees, where hopefully Route8 will have 8 outputs, BigNum will work right away when you load a patch and - more important than anything - Encoders will work with a Delta instead of sending fixed values...

    Anyway you can have a glance there, as I am explaining the way the scene works so far. I'll eventually upload the scene itself once it becomes stable and more up to the point: here I have been trying to use as many functions as possible just with an Aleph and a Grid, building up combinations of 2 buttons and so on, which is a bit crazy and somehow not really what that machine is built for. Whatever, if you get some ideas while watching please let me know - for instance it would be possible to use the lower half of the grid to determine what will be modified, use the knobs (one for each line) to apply the modifications and let STEP do the rest. It would surely be way more intuitive then, but you'd lose most of the funniest functions!

  • very cool!

    will there be any CV outputs?

  • I am waiting for my first modular to arrive : ) then I will add cv outputs, for sure... That was the whole idea by the way!

  • nice work!

  • Thanks c1t1zen. I'll make a more artistic version of this, it can do so much more than what you see on this video you would hardly believe it. Next time no explanation, but some real sound!

  • cool!
    i hope you post the scene soon!

  • I use it on this video by the way, although you won't see me play:

  • very nice piece yann

  • :)

  • Thanks guys. I am rewriting the scene, and was thinking of making different versions. Say, if you wanted something like this but for your own setup, what would you be looking for? (can't include cv until I get my modular, but it'll come). If it is something I can make I'll do it and will post the result here.

  • Very nice! I like the use of button hold to access different knob functions. Look forward to seeing how you did that in the scene!

  • not so difficult rayce: it's all about using presets! The most annoying thing so far is that the knobs values are still hard-wired to Bees, so when you change function you start systematically from where the knob was located right before.

  • @i_snor !!! i know!!! it would be soooo cool if we had deltas or a way of not making the knobs jump value.. so much more flexibility in control.. really hoping this might appear in the next bees - I tried looking at the source code to see how it might be possible but couldn't understand it at all :(

  • i will do the encoder change presently. we talked about it. i'll change the "wrap" output to a "delta" output and the "wrap mode" input into a "value" input.

    of course this will totally destroy anything that uses those nodes but i haven't seen anything that has done so.