white whale!

  • +1 to all laborcamp suggestions !

  • Agree on gates because I use a lot of ARP gear and it need trigs to start the envelopes and a Gate to sustain the note till it's released.

    Mutes would be universally useful. Mute each trigger and mute each cv. I know we can mute via steps but not sure the best button config for mutes. I would almost drop the tap write mode of the triggers and instead make those mutes and the CV could mute from the third or fourth unused button in that top group. Monome will likely know a slick way to implement it.

  • gate mode and channel mutes coming in the update soon.

  • @tehn that is FANTASTIC news! So excited on both options.
    Just out of curiosity: what are your thoughts on the TILT as CV output?

  • so scale question. when we are using parm to set cv in cva/b, there is no scale option set for that, correct? we only get access to quantized scales in scale mode when holding alt and cva/b select.

  • I wish the param knob did semitones with a slow turn and octaves when faster, I'm always using the knob to get close to a pitch and then switching to scales page to get it spot on.

  • had as really good session last night using white whale cvA&B as a secondary pitch sources to transpose two sequencers on the fly..

  • at last i recieved mine! works great on my 2011 64! but again, a graphic diagram of the pages would be really apreciated ;)

    thanks @tehn for developing those funny devices

  • I received mine at weekend and just ordered meadowphysics as completely stoked !!!!

    was only using my 101 last night and ended up noodling for 4 hours :)

    loads of fun

    will try with expert sleepers es3/es5 tonight

    Is anyone using with expert sleepers modules? or any ideas on use with thes modules?


  • @spqr6510 i have an es-3 and swapped it out of my live rack for the ww, a computerless mobile live rig is way to much fun. if you clock sync with your daw and have some presets, you can get some good recalls and fun syncing options.

  • first patch (decent one that is..) with the white whale! loving it!!!

  • I have been using different trigger timings out of the ES3.
    I found at first the freedom of computerless modular, but I started up the ES3 again and keep finding cool and new ways to add ideas into a patch.

  • @c1t1zen Yeah I have just dipped my toe into modular and loving the ES3 and ES5

    The combination of monomes/white whale/ meadowphysics and super tight midi is exciting for sure :)


  • is tilt implemented on the modular devices?

  • tilt could be added into the framework. i'm not planning on doing this, but the source is on git.

    i'm just about finished with a WW firmware revision, which will for all purposes be the "final" firmware-- it's done. of course, other people can branch, extend, and change this however is desired.

  • fair enough guv.

  • @tehn so the new update for White Whale is ready now? Is that the files on github that are called White Whale gate mode?
    If so, I seem to recall that there was a mention of some simplified update procedure, or am I imagining this?
    Any words of advice, suggestions before I attempt to update the module?
    Very eager to give this a go!!...
    Thank you!

  • @laborcamp the update is fairly easy. i tried, failed misrably because i'm an idiot, and nothing happened. Galapagoose helped me through it and now it works great. but the update i did was just for the mk version

  • anyone experiencing strange clock issues when switches between external clocks on WW? I've noticed the WW can get unresponsive when switching clocks. needing case power cycle to get WW on clock again. this is with ext5v.

  • i haven't properly released the new version of the firmware, but yes, there are commits to github that you can see. i'm going to try to iron out the series mode behavior so it's final, then i'll post a .zip so no compiling needed. i'll also have to make a new video.

  • @oootini i've noticed this in two units. i'll roll a better pin-checking mechanism into the new firmware.

  • @Active good to know it's not too hard. Did you just follow the instructions from here:


    or did you have to do something else?

    @tehn ok, i will wait for a clear release signal :-)

  • @laborcamp for the most part, yes. i did some super newb assuming that got me in trouble. i was under the impression that you can just drag and drop the file from finder (on a mac) into terminal and it be ok, but i'm an idiot and that is not true.

  • we're improving the docs on that...

  • has anyone experienced a frozen bottom row of leds when using the white whale module and an original walnut 64?

    i cant turn them on or off and from what ive read its supposed to be the last row of triggers, correct?

  • Are you using an external power source? I noticed that without an external power source not all the buttons on my grid worked, but with the extra power supply everything worked fine.

  • Interesting.
    I did not notice any functional differences when using it with or without the external power supply. That was in a monorocket case.

  • i've tested with an original 64, with and without external power. in general i'd suggest external power.

    it would be very strange for the bottom row not to work, however. do the bottom buttons not work in any mode at all? (cv, series, also?)

  • correct theyre just frozen, however if I unplug it and then plug it back in on the module connection side then the bottom row (4) of leds is frozen with the led on

    and then if i unplug and plug it back in on the monome connection side then the bottom row is still frozen but the leds are off but right when it initializes is one for a split second before going off

    im using the pittsburgh move 208 case which powers all types so i dont think its the power output,, would i still need the extra power?

    im thinking of upgrading to a 128 would the row still be frozen then or is that a different case

    my monome im using now is the first edition walnut if that may have anything to do with the problem

    x 1212

  • Case Total Power Output: +12v @ 2A, -12v @ 2A, and +5v @600mA

    you might be drawing too much current.

  • the power supply is probably sufficient, but i'm having a very hard time understanding why you're seeing what you're seeing. can you confirm the top rows work? what happens in cv mode? can you switch to series mode?

    is the module clocking itself? is anything else acting weird?

  • I've noticed that when using the ext5v and you unplug the WW usb cable, you get all kinds of stuck LEDs and glitches on the grid when you handle the disconnected cable.

  • Yeah @oootini I see some visual artifacts too when unplugging and plugging the USB, but this is just visual/display related, and not affecting the module functionality. So it seems anyway.

  • top rows work, for navigation right?

    this is an original monome 64 mind you so im guessing its different than the quick reference on the paper i got in the module box

    1st four for the triggers all lit at the same time
    5th and 6th seem to switch between the two CV's (A+B)
    7th doesnt appear to do anything
    8th lights when held down

    in CV mode sometimes its completely lit and frozen in one of the patterns switching to the other patterns works but nothing seems to happen in there

    i dont even know what series mode is yet havent had the chance to get to the tutorials yet as im baffled why its acting like this

    i tested it with different USB cables (same behavior)

    I tested it with the original apps connected directly to my computer (works fine)

    below are some pictures of different modes and freezes, nothing is selected by me its just how they appear in different modes and a pic showing the module is at least responding to the grid

    i dont know whats going on but i hope we can fix this, still excited to learn and use this new tool

    x 1212

    2448 x 2448 - 689K
    2448 x 2448 - 853K
    2448 x 2448 - 739K
    2448 x 2448 - 743K
    2448 x 2448 - 701K
    2448 x 2448 - 612K
    2448 x 2448 - 1000K
  • with the ext5v when hot-swapping some grid versions don't deal gracefully with "usb sleep" which is what is signified by usb losing data but not power. sorry! yes it should all continue working fine, but looks confusing.

    @onetwoonetwo e-mail info@monome.org and let's swap it

  • maybe i'm reading this wrong but @onetwoonetwo isn't using the ext5v adaptor, but powering directly from the modular PSU. this makes me think the hotswapping isn't the problem.

    can you press keys in the bottom four rows and create triggers? is anything working in the whale at all? the last picture of the module itself makes me think things might actually be working properly.

    when you see the whole rows lit up do you see a corresponding led light on the module's panel (the four panel leds match to the bottom four monome rows)?

    in cv mode, hold the top-right and bottom right grid buttons and turn the param knob – does this enter data into the grid?

  • sometimes it will enter data into the grid while turning the parameter knob, not on all attempts and not in both A & B CV modes

    all the pics are different variations of frozenness, nothing was pressed by me its just how it appeared after different methods of connection (ie disconnect at monome vs at the module

  • 1212,

    is it possible to have saved ( or somehow partially saved ) a state and that this is showing up when connecting..? - hitting save while unplugging the usb ? )
    only other thing: however unlikely... is it might be worth checking the connection is sound between whitewhale's two circuit boards... this was the reason for some more or less total unresponsiveness at one point, some aspects worked though... ( param and clock working ok ? ) -thats alls I can think of.

  • i don't think that power jack will work with the pcb. the ext5v has been reduced to $22 available direct here: market.monome.org or 'escape from noise' could have some stock. sorry i can't be more help than the existing digikey reference numbers.

  • What functionality would potentially be added with an update for a 256 grid?

  • Just got mine and I'm loving it. Pretty intuitive so far. I saw this asked, but I didn't see a response. Is mlr style recording of "slices" planned? It allows a lot of variability within the 16 steps and really opens it up. Since 4 LEDs are used to indicate the channel (ie. Trig, cv 1, etc..) one could use the fourth led to record, the third to playback. That would be uber delicious!

  • i just bought a white whale. should i upgrade it to 1.3? is there a manual for 1.3? i am missing a video with deeper explanation about cv map mode also... anyway it's a great module, just one day with it and i am :D !!!

  • 1.4 is coming along with a fully revised manual. the firmware is done and the manual is top priority in the next couple days. you might wait to upgrade until then.

  • thx tehn - i'll wait to upgrade!

  • excellent news!

  • any news about this 1.4 update/manual? :D

  • manual is done. peek here: http://monome.org/docs/whitewhale

    but we found a couple tiny bugs in the firmware and i'm fixing those up now.

  • @tehn will the aleph white whale OP be receiving the 1.4 update?