NOT FS: Walnut 128 (EU/Finland) 450€

  • Sorry, not for sale anymore.

  • Hi,
    Do you know from what year your monomer is and Is it a vary-bright edition?

  • Sorry, I don't know the year, I'm not the first owner, but I believe it's not a vary-bright. And actually I think you are the first owner, or at least I bought this one from you a couple of years ago. :)

  • Haha! I wasn't the first owner either. It's not a vari-bright then. It is bus powered though, I did the conversion myself. Good luck with the sale!

  • Haha! Thank's for the info!

  • Price now 450€ + shipping!

  • Sorry, I've been away and out of reach. Now I'm back home, but I decided to give my monome another chance, so it's not for sale, at least for now.