new modular meadowphysics

  • new monome modular meadowphysics is now available.
    all the polyrhythmic possibilities.

  • awesome, this other video really helped me get my head around some of the things i did not understand about the software version as well

  • very exciting times.. congrats on the next release! <3

  • to echo @companyofquail, the tutorial is fantastic and added a bit of clarity for me

    i stumbled my way into some interesting ideas with the aleph OP (specifically mpdrumss) but still didnt figure out the impact of stacking mutiple rules on the same row

    thats where the real beauty is hidden

  • btw, is there a way to save settings in any of these versions?

    or should we just "repatch" all the linked rows and rules if we need them again

  • this is great.

  • very nice. does this module absolutely need a 128? also looks like this would work well on non-variable grids...

  • this app definitely works well on a 64 albeit with less rhythmic variability. and indeed the non-vari support is quite transparent and shouldn't be too much more diffiult to pick up.

  • awesome news. just ordered from control voltage. especially excited about the polyrhythmic possibilities right in the modular. could probably replace pamela's workout from euclidean duties in my setup. well done everyone!

  • this works very well on non-vari grids, and on the 64 as well.

    presets work just like the WW, so you can store configurations quickly and recall then easily.

  • Does the usb need power boost?

  • the power situation is the same as for the white whale. we've successfully tested both apps running on a uZeus power supply and noticed a small amount of high frequency noise, increasing as there were more leds lit on the grid.

    using the ext5v adaptor to provide independent power to the grid is probably the best solution if your power supply has lower current capability (under 500ma) but most people we've spoken to with larger cases have had no issues running directly off their internal power supply.

  • added to help