launchpad mini mlrv2 compatibility?

  • Hello,
    Im about to pull the trigger on a launchpad mini, just wondering if anyone knows if its fully compatible with mlrv2 like the larger launchpad.

  • As far as I know it acts/reacts just the same as the classic and the S. I haven't had any problems with mine (that I didn't have before.)

  • @spacelordmother thats good to know, thank you for responding.

  • hi i was wondering how you connected your launchpad mini to mlrv? my version of mlrv isnt working- it is saying that xgroove / xsample does not exist, even though i have the correct files in the correct place

  • if it says xgroove/xsample does not exist you definitely don't have these files in the correct place....

    If you use different versions of max please be sure to have them in the correct max-directory (or copy them to all dir.s) and check if you are opening mlrv with the corresponding max version.

  • I've had some issues on the visual feedback side which I've not gotten quite to the bottom of yet, certain things triggering when they shouldn't be, other things not triggering at all.

    In the interim the mlr-lite that's been included in Sum has kept me sated :)

  • thanks, ill have a look into that

  • the problem is that it doesnt transition from the credits, it only transitions half way... :(

  • fully just had the wrong audio output... it works now. Im sure ill encounter more ridiculously basic problems, ill be back ;)

  • yeah, mine works

  • As for visual feedback issues like stuck lights and such, I have them as well. Some of these bugs are solved by putting muted audio clips, just any audio clip really, in every slot so you dont accidentally trigger a cell without audio (that makes everything go nuts).

  • My launchpad classic has worked fine with MLRV but now I'm in the Grayscale club, the programme has really com into it's own - it's so much more responsive and beautiful.

    I had more fun with the launchpad mapping midi into ableton and using follow actions. Map each track horizontally in User2 mode and use the side arrow buttons as stops for each loop. I then mapped effects to the arrow buttons. If I had rows left over without samples in them I mapped effect parameters to them - delay feedback / distortion level / Moldover smart-knobs / etc

  • I'm now wondering if it is possible to make a button switch between Ableton and mlrv (with mlrv rewired into ableton) to make my launchpad be able to launch clips in ableton, but also be alternatively controlling mlrv... if this is possible i will be so happy, please if you have any idea let me know! thanks

  • Using the latest version of mlrv 2.5 the launchpad mini is in fine form, not sure what the issue was before :)

  • do you know how i might set up the alternating control system as mentioned above? thanks

  • I think you can do this in pages? if not and you have max for live then you can use Gridlock ( to set this up, if you don't have m4l then it'll be possible in the next updates coming soon.