monome 128 rehousing

  • hey everyone,

    recently i bought an old and heavily used monome off ebay. its cosmetic condition was really worn, already glued and one of the rubber noodles was missing. it was in almost working order, only the pads had the known hard to press and bounciness issues and needed some care. i simply followed the guide in the device care section, worked perfectly. on the plus side it was relatively low priced and i was planning to do some woodwork for quite a while, so i decided to give this 128 a new casing.

    i am actually very inexperienced in working with wood (this was basically my debut), but quite proud of the outcome. the result is far from perfect, there are several minor issues like tears around the drill holes, the hole for the USB-port is slightly asymmetrical and one of the corners is tilted a bit because a small piece of wood broke out when i planed the flank. the inside is not at all as beautiful as the outside, but you can't see that anyway so it didn't bother to make it good-looking.

    i decided to mill the housing out of one single block of walnut. to maintain the stability of the whole case i thought i was a good idea to adapt the dimensions, as the old case was glued from several pieces and a single block of wood is more prone to warping (due to temperature and air humidity changes). that's why both the sides and the bottom are a little thicker than the original's.

    to be honest i'm really proud of myself and glad i did this, always feels good to hold something handmade in your hands, doesn't it?

    the housing still needs rubber feet, does anyone have a special tip for non-slipping pads?

  • that is super cool!

  • Came out beautifully! Sounds like a good way to score a proper monome on the cheap(er) while learning something along the way too :)

  • well done, beautiful.

  • Very pleased to see it born again!