anybody using a non-usb powered monome with the euroracks?

  • anybody using a non-usb powered monome with the eurorack modules? white whale or meadowphysics?

  • How do youmean non-usb powered?
    Grids are all usb powered.
    If you mean just powered from the module as opposed to external power supply, then I tried both scenarios. Grid worked very well powered through monorocket case. It introduced faint high frequency noise into the case though, as was described by tehn. Most of the time that was not noticible though. And that problem goes away when thegrid is powered with th external power supply using the ext5V adapter.

  • I am. But I'm pretty confident the answer you need is in the other thread..

  • He means the monome has an external power supply. Older monomes didn't run off bus power.

  • yes, monomes for the olden days. ;)

  • olden monomes will work perfectly fine.

    the ext5v adapter effectively turns "new" grids into "old" ones regarding the powering method.

  • Oh, I wasn't aware I should have clarified that, running absolutely fine!

    @tehn that makes me chuckle a bit ^^

  • thanks. my 5v is coming tomorrow!

  • is it just 128's or will 64's work fine as well?

    i have the first edition 64 currently, thinking about getting a 128 if thats all that will work proper with it

  • They both should work well. The problem here wasn't the grid, but the module itself that needs both 12v and 5v (makenoise adapter would be an excellent choice if you have no 5v or adapter yet). Additionally, your grid might need or be better of with more 5v if with no power supply, no idea about the 64 though.. To be sure you might just post your detailed setup