Eurorack delay recommendations?

  • Any recommendations for a eurorack delay module? Thinking about the make noise Echophon.

  • i have the echophon and i love it. it has the delay feedback loop, the pitch shifting delay feedback, and an external feedback loop. synthrotek makes a cool little guy that is super tiny too.

  • I like my echophon. The modcan dual delay sounds nice and I really enjoyed playing with it, but it is expensive and pretty far down my euro module shopping list.

  • Echophon, yes. Tons of character.

    If you want something smaller and more versatile, have a look at the Expert Sleepers Disting. Besides a bazillion of other things, it also does straight forward delay duties.

  • Echophon: love it.
    Modcan dual delay: had it for a while, sold it. I just thought that it was nearly impossible to keep from getting into feedback noise etc. for all the controls there are on the unit, it seemed out of control most of the time. Some like that. I didn't.

  • if you have the patience to learn the mungo modules, their d0 is quite rewarding.

  • patience, AND some extra cash :-)

  • laborcamp I'm surprised that you found the modcan more difficult to control than the echophon as I had the opposite experience. Then agiain, I also have the latter and not the former, so there's that.

  • @botstein well, that was my experience with it. I really wanted to like it, but honestly, every time I used it, it would end up kicking into feedback. Maybe I was just trying to make it do something that it was not supposed to do, but really don't think so. I have used a lot of hardware delays, and this one was by far the most difficult for me. I found it nearly impossible to have it generate a controllable basic delay with fairly sustained repeats.

    Echophon is a totally different beast. Not a typical delay, but that's the best part of it.

    So, I got Modcan to provide a solid, stereo delay to complement the crazy aspects of Echophon... anyway.

  • Echophon I had one for a while. I tend to run dry and slap the echo into the daw where it all ends up anyway. Heretical I know.

  • My favorite delay in my rack is the Time Machine from Blacet (recently discontinued) for FracRack though. from subtle repeats to full on thunderstorm of repeating noise!

  • One thing to be aware of with the echophon : you cannot have a 100% dry sound. It annoys me a lot.

  • @chapelier fou: people are saying that if you feed negative voltage into the mix cv on the echophon, you can actually get it quiet. never tried it so far.

  • You're right. it just eats one of my maths' channels.

  • It works to patch negative voltage in the mix, IDK why I would even patch into the echophon if I wanted to bypass it.

  • argeed about the dry aspect of the echophon. i split my signal so i can actually have dry, which is....dumb.