doepfer usb64 fs + hackme rockit + arduinome parts + dark energy + micro nord modular

  • just wanted to make sure that I include the good folks at monome for my fall clean up

    - Doepfer Dark Energy (the original)
    - Doepfer usb64
    - Hacke rockit diy synth assembled and with the casing
    - Some part of the arduinome ? aluminum face plate 4 x 4x4 button white, the arduinome/usb conection part
    - Nord micro modular

    better contact me at gef at ponnuki dot net

    Mostly for sale, might consider some trade - not sure what I want ;)

  • hey damaru,

    interested. especially nord micro and USB 64... what price(s) do you have in mind ?
    living in australia shipping is always a bit rough. cost wise.. the micro is micro though so there is that.

    I have a couple trade ideas also. -will email.