Anyone updated to OSX 10.10 yet?

  • What's broken?

  • I've just updated my desktop computer. Will test max/tpv/monome stuff later tonight.

  • it seems to be working fine with monome stuff (so far at least).

    anyone else can't stand the bright blue folders/ lame looking finder icon? (wtf were they thinking?) first thing i did was change that crap. used some program called LiteIcon.

  • the folder colors are ok. i generally trust their design aesthetic even though it may seem weird at first. that being said, the finder icon is pretty hokey looking (and i still hate the gamecenter icon on the phone)

  • Ok, so Final Cut Pro isn't working, so deal breaker updating my laptop for the time being. Max/TPV seem fine, though didn't specifically test monome stuff yet.

  • Everything smooth, no problem with ableton, max and mark eats sequencer.

  • Ableton issues: Some VST's won't close, you'll be staring at a horrible white square that won't disappear. The DSP still works, the GUI is the issue.