Reset white whale/meadow physics modules

  • Is there a way to purge them? I mean just erase whatever's programmed (eg, triggers, cv, patterns)

  • Ohh that's a good one...Reinstall the firmware?

  • that's a bit clunky..any chance we could see this in a future fw update as a blk button combination or something?

  • you could copy a blank pattern to every other pattern. if you don't have any blank patterns then just clear one and copy that to the other slots.

  • Pasting blank patterns seems like a fair solution.
    But I agree that a special "total reset" key combination could be a useful feature.

  • +1
    pushing and holding the button for 5 seconds ?

  • i think a keypress on the grid as well as black button being pressed so it can't happen in error?

  • are y'all talking about this as a performance gesture, or just for file management when you want a new clean set?

    i know its slightly long winded but the copy and paste is pretty damn quick. especially if you haven't used all 8 preset storage slots- you can copy the whole set of data from a blank preset and overwrite old presets.

  • I think that process is pretty fast. I haven't filled up my slots either so copying from a blank one is fine for me.

  • Related to this is perhaps a question of saving the total "state" of the device to a computer? As in: connecting the way one connects to flash firmware, but saving the "image" of the user settings for future use/reference?
    I really don't know if this is worth while, but there is a part of me that always wants to save everything... so just thinking about feeding that demon. ;-)

  • Laborcamp that idea is also interesting in that we could then share presets with anyone!

  • there might be a way with dfu-programmer to read the current program... if anyone wants to spend some time looking