White whale swing?

  • I've had a look through the white whale documentation but couldn't see any mention of a swing control. Is that right? Shame if so as pretty essential for drum sequencing.

  • Swing the incoming clock.

  • what Chapelier said, I swing the incoming clock. There are few things you can't do with the white whale but swing is definitely possible!

  • It would be really nice to see this as an added feature in any future updates

  • does anyone here use a Dark Time sequencer? I'm using that as my clock output into the white whale and I can get it to swing. When I adjust the shuffle and use the Dark Time to generate gate triggers it will shuffle, but when triggering the gate with the White Whale clocked to the Dark Time the shuffle adjustment doesn't change anything.

  • It makes sense. The only way would be : shuffling clock in the WW, then trigger the DT with the WW.

  • this is because ww needs two pulses per step (so pulse width is defined). a swinging clock would need two slow triggers followed by two fast triggers. some modules (like pamela's workout i think) have this type of functionality built in.

  • thanks guys, this worked really nicely with a pamela's workout feeding the clock. one last question - is there the notion of a reset? i know you can just hit the first step, but having everything locked together could be useful for performance.

  • Could this be added in firmware?

  • how would this be different from hitting the first step? I reckon a trigger in would have been of use, but in software it's kinda already there, do I miss something?

    what I would like to see is an on/off toggle though.. I have a spare minijack I put into the clock for this purpose, which is kinda absurd.. yes, sometimes I don't need all the pretty lights.

  • I most interested in swing as opposed to reset. @l00p I use patch cables to float stuff from time to time - it's useful for breaking normal connections.

    Is there a way to accomplish swing with WW via a clock from Silent Way?

  • @Botstein, Yes use the sync plugin for SW. It needs a little tweaking but is really sweet.