White whale: What's will you have in your skiff?

  • I am these days thinking smaller so I have a small skiff, a much smaller monome and modular controllers. The modules I feel like are all DIYed although with limited space I'm feeling more like a few all in one synths rather than every single component needed. digital/analogue appeals to me. And filters, filters galore

    So what racks are you liking, what is sexy and what is indinspesable. I think a skiff really focuses the mind on what you really want. The limitations are good ones rather than a big old rack of stuff...

  • i have the pittsburgh move104 rack and just did a live set with it. in my rack i have:

    doepferA-119 External Input
    monome ww
    Make Noize STO
    4ms Pingable EG
    Intellijel uVCF
    Pittsburgh Dual Index
    sm LS1 lightstrip
    turing machine
    Intellijel uFold
    Make Noise Echophon
    Low-Gain SubMix7.

    I am super happy with this set up, though I think I'm going to replace the Dual Index with something much smaller, and swap out the turing machine and light strip for the Make Noise Erb-Verb.

    My rack I use for a few different kinds of performances. Droney glitchy stuff, solo rhodes performance, and often I've been playing electronics for a musical theater writing duo which requires more subtractive synthesis stuff. For all of these needs, I feel that though the real estate is huge in 104hp for the echophon and erb-verb and so useful that I really can make it work. I'm not so much a fan of the pingable EG in this set up because it is so slaved to it's internal clock. I will probably swap the Make Noise Maths in it's place since it still has more than 2 discrete envelopes.

    The only problem that I have with this set up is that I do not also have room for the Expert Sleepers es-3. So depending on the performances needs, it's either the ww or the es-3 for input/control.

  • For EG, I guesss the Quadra has great functionality for HP.. With its four channels also an obvious excellent companion for the ww..

    (It's actually next on my list, on which I just swapped the PEG for Quadra(+Expander)+Pamela. The list is supposed to become shorter not longer >< Eurocrack at its best I guess.. I have to be quick before Monome releases something new..)

  • Mmm. I have been tempted by a Turing Machine many times and Thonk now have the lot in in stock Just ordered the bare PCBs for now. I was put off by the faceplate but greyscale have a full three-boards-in-one plate that looks very nice.

  • grayscale is discontinuing all of its faceplates FYI

  • not sure if you're asking for diy or already made modules. i have a somewhat large setup but i'm always trying to keep it small and have one 6u/104hp case with just the essentials that i'd take to a friend's house or open mic night at the coffeshop to play. for that i like the basimilus iteritas (you mentioned all-in-one/digital), peaks, and disting for their flexibility and efficiency.

  • I think a mutable instruments cv pal (usb to cv) is a must, kit form too


  • quadra is very useful, but the inverted options and such on maths or peg is really wonderful for sound design-y stuff.