power the white whale

  • hi there,
    i´m searching and i just can´t find it..
    wheres the instruction how to build this little thing to power the white whale? this cable that will also connect to a wall wart?

    and, i have a doepfer case and a case powered by a uzeus FB.. and a 64.
    any uzeus user who seem to have enough power without using a wall wart?

    thanks a lot!

  • what i found is this:

    but is there a part list also?

  • ok, found the last bit, too..:
    what you'll need to get:

    - 5v DC power supply, 2.1mm center positive, 1A or up
    ie. Mean Well GS18A05-P1J

    - connectors (part numbers for digikey.com)
    USB B: AE9925-ND
    USB A: AE10400-ND
    power: CP-102A-ND

    why is this not included in the docs?
    do the newly shipped units also have a pcb with it?

    and the last question of the thread remains...

  • sorry for this omission - i updated the wiki documentation to include these details.

    the uZeus only puts out 170mA on the +5v rail. about 40mA is taken up by the whitewhale running *without* a grid attached, so i would not recommend running it without the ext5v adaptor – you could blow up your power supply!