sold Doepfer a111-1 high end VCO for sale

  • Now sold

    This is a mainstay but I am not going to use it. I think I have a good price on this. It's 320 euros usually so £180 ought to do it

  • Never tested but it seems to be a great classical oscillator. And with linear FM, please !
    Love the Doepfer VCOs and their octave switch.

  • The octave switch is there for those James Holden moments...

  • whale has octave flipping in cv map mode, fun for hours...

  • @tehn

    The WW octave flipping has put me in a trance the past two nights

    Beats watchin' the Macbook though :P


  • That was frankly the only reason I was keeping the Doepfer. Doing it real fast is like a head rush. And yes the WW octave flip gave me the impetus to let go of this wonderful classy oscillator.

    Strip it down, start again, the WW is teaching me quite a bit about what I need rather than what I want.

  • WW & psilocybin perhaps this weekend lol

    double headrush


  • sorry to bend the topic, but i want to recommend the Frequency central Trans Europa if you like octave shift !