survey: euro power and monome modules.

  • hey everyone. if you're using a monome euro module, can you help us with some information about your system?

    1. your power supply system
    2. do you use the ext5v adapter?
    2. which grid?
    3. any observations!

    i'm using a 4ms Row Power 40W. it works perfectly. there are some very very subtle noise issues that generally don't bother me, but i do use the ext5v when recording, just to get everything as clean as possible.

    please post! thanks!

  • 1. Doepfer (LC9) with make noise 5v adapter
    2. No
    3. Old walnut 128 (2008?) with external power supply
    4. No issues (But I also never analysed my output or so)

  • 1. standard linear doepfer supply with MI Volts providing 5v.
    2. I do now - the diy board incl with the module.
    3. 2011 64
    4. 6u case 3/4 full, runs quite hot without the ext5v. IMO the ext5v dongle (not the PSU) should have come as standard. also - mounting holes not matched for proper placement in doepfer case was a bit annoying.

    minor quibbles though. WW is really amazing. just wish i had more free time to use it!

  • 1. Tiptop uZeus
    2. yes
    3. gs128
    4. no particular observations/issues; everything works fine; i'm about to put everything in a new case and spend more time playing, so maybe i'll have comments later.

  • 1. Make noise powered board (modified w/internal 5v disconnected) & 5v adapter
    2. Nup
    3. White whale - walnut 128, Meadowphysics - walnut 64
    4. I have observed that these modules are awesome and I've been so busy messing with them that I hadn't recorded anything for weeks

  • 1. Doepfer LC9 and MI Volts
    2. No
    2. 256 walnut driving the whithe whale
    3. runs smoothly !

  • 1. Monorocket's new buss boards and super-overpowered supply designed to handle Metasonix vacuum tube modules. I use the huge Lexington IIs and the M9104M. I'll also be using them in an enclave flight 12u but haven't tried that just yet.
    2. No
    2. Latest 256
    3. These modules don't work on two of my seven monorocket buss boards - some of them don't dig the spikes on the 5V rail. As a result, this basically means I need to get very long ribbon cables (I usually do this anyway - most modules, including monome's ship with very short ones that can't even reach from the module to the back of the Lexington II cases at anything but their most shallow row).

  • @ botstein : i assume there is just one or two rows of the monorockets providing 5V.

  • 1.Tip top Uzeus
    2. Yes
    2. New 128 and 2009ยด128
    3. Keep euro modules coming!

  • 1. Synthrotek PWR
    2. No
    2. 64 Grey
    3. There is a slight high pitch noise when plugging in the Monome, but you need the gain cranked to hear it. Considering the 5v adapter.

    Something else i noticed that might be working as intended. If you have the Monome in series mode (where you select different patterns to trigger) and set the loop end point before the current selected pattern the seq will obviously not loop and continue down until it reaches the final pattern space. At this point the sequence stops, and the White Whale and Monome power off. You need to cycle the Modular pwr system to get it back on again.

  • i've tried three different power supply schemes so far.

    the most recent is the makenoise board, upgraded to 1.5A +5. it will run both monome modules at once (in a 6u/104hp case), each with a 128 attached (the oldest and newest versions).

    i'm observing the opposite of what most people have reported with respect to use of the ext5v adapter. without the adapter, i get a very faint whine. using the adapter, the whine becomes louder, and variations can be heard according to what's going on with the mp grid.

    i've also used one studio zeus board in a 6u/84hp case with both modules/one 128, rated at 500mA max +5. faint whine with ext5v (board not rated for max grid draw without).

    the other power supply hasn't been announced yet, but also uses a switching supply, and offers 1.5A +5 also. i'll report back on that once it's released, very soon.

    obviously, there are many variables in power system performance, including headroom, the combination of modules, signal chain after the modular, and building wiring, so ymmv.

    the next thing i'll be testing is isolating the ww modules in a case populated exclusively with modules not used for audio (sequencing/clocking/modulation only).

  • @goikes: try lifting ground on the ext5v or modular supply!

  • 1. pittsburgh move104 built in PSU
    2. yes
    2. mk 128
    3. seems to run wonderfully, any weird noise issues have happened long before the ww and mostly stem to other pittsburgh gear.

  • I have been using the following:

    1. Doepfer a100 MC
    2. No but did buy Mutable Instruments Volts
    3. MK 512 (one portion) & Bus powered walnut 256
    4. Had to remove expert sleepers ES3 & ES5 from case as having clock issues with MK only. Related to power I imagine.


  • @goiks

    "i've also used one studio zeus board in a 6u/84hp case with both modules/one 128, rated at 500mA max +5. faint whine with ext5v (board not rated for max grid draw without)."

    I'm a little confused by this: isn't this board rated at 300mA max @ 5V?
    (i'm actually second owner of a 104hp 3u you made, it has a zeus in it)

  • Somewhat biased response as the momone modules got me into eurorack (from 5U)
    1. 4ms row power 40w
    2. no, seems clunky that's why I went w/ the 4ms row power...
    2. 128 varibright from 2013
    3. haven't noticed any noise/problems but I also haven't looked closely system size is 6u x 104 HP w/ one row power 40 per row...

  • 1. 4ms Row Power 40
    2. Bought an ext5v, but replaced it with the Switch module
    3. 2013 256 varibright
    4. No issues to report here

  • 1. doepfer diy kit #1 power supply // doepfer minicase
    2. monome switch // makenoise 5v
    3. 40h // gs128
    4. doepfer minicase/diy kit + switch works ok, diy kit + makenoise 5v also.
    plus whitw whale.
    also tried before just monome white whale on minicase...
    i could work for about 5min with 40h until stop working...
    (i think it was too much draw on 200mA minicase...)

  • 1. elby designs power with make noise 5v
    2. bus power from the module
    3. 40h / gs128
    4. no issues, plain sailing..