the Bampf Sessions, a new album by yours truly...

  • Hello my monomers! Its been too long, ill admit, ive had my head right down into it. Been away at the Banff Centre for some time (thanks for the recommendation, Myles!), and im happy to say its been productive...

    Following my time spent amongst the wonderfully mad environs of banff, sampling rocks, tweaking instruments, and composing sounds during a musicians residency at the Banff Centre, i am happy to release the fruits of my efforts: an album of material derived and inspired by my experiences.
    A month spent surrounded by talented musicians, rutting elk, and towering mountains produced a 12 track studio album, and a live improvised session performed at the Club on campus.
    A lush, orchestral menagerie, the soundtrack to an unfolding tale yet unheard, unexpected impacts leading to chases through frantic tunnels, sudden earthquakes, strange visitors, moments of clarity, all leading to a vision of the final synchrony.
    All songs composed using a customized 8-track live looping performance tool, sounds and rhythms derived from samples and experiences arising during my time in Banff. I hope you enjoy it!

  • fav so far is is cory's pass

  • excellent stuff man!
    looks like the time in the wilderness had you super creative!
    keep it up!
    would love to hear about this looper as well....