(old) max for live mlr

  • threw this together over the past week. should be solid, but feel free to post issues if you have them.

    currently it requires pages or monomebridge. if anyone can help with a native serialosc port i'd very much appreciate it.

    check it out and lemme know what u think!

    credit goes to tehn, soundcyst, alphanerd, and stevieraysean for the original code and inspiration.

    edit- this project has turned into something much better.

  • Great, you have some very useful top row buttons implemented.
    Checking it out a.t.m.

  • made some minor improvements. reuploaded.

  • I really like the floating window and being able to see all the loops is there a way you can keep/add bind the bracket keys to preset buttons like the other mlr? So you can move around like a book. When i try to edit the patch m4l it crashes for me but the patch runs smooth and fine otherwise

  • @amerryprankster
    thx for the suggestion. i made the preset buttons mappable (key or midi). reuploaded to top post.

  • @elquinto thanks this is awesome how do you use the pattern recorders i cant find a way to start them this is the best mlr has run in ableton for me, no pops. I'd suggest keeping the mute function but making one of the other function button go to the patter recorders awesome work

  • top row functions are explained in the readme.txt, but i'm assuming you're using a 64... the top row is laid out for a 128/256. it's not hard to reorder the functions though. i can post a screenshot. are you still not able to edit the patch?

  • ohhh i see sorry ive been using a 128 rotated 90 degrees ill take a look

    A screenshot would help me. I can edit the patch now, i think there was a conflict before

  • ok, so everything related to top row mapping is in the 'p box' patcher (in the floating window). you first need to re-order the cables going out of the route object. for ex. disconnect the last two cables going into 'p groups' and connect them to the first two pattern recorders. then you also need to enter 'p pattern' and change the message boxes at the bottom to match the #outlet on the route object. (see screenshots)

    on a 64/128v this would give you 4 groups, 2 pattern recorders and two mod buttons.

    hope that helps.

    642 x 397 - 88K
    937 x 589 - 43K
  • Thanks for explaining that i was able to edit it with your help. How would you go about editing the inner loop function where you press one button then another and it loops just that section or goes backwards?

  • heres a 4 group, 2 pattern recorder version for 64/128v users.

  • @amerryprankster
    what about inner looping do you want to edit?

  • @elquinto strange i swear it wasn't working before. i just wanted to make it work but it is now really weird at times ive had the rows not respond to button presses then all a sudden work like latency with the patch...but it works great and runs alot better. thanks for posting and all your help

    seems like the inner loop works for me somtimes and other times it treates the button presses individually

  • you need to be quick with inner loops.

    i'm triggering the rowfix object to clear the button press buffer at 2n intervals. i was hoping this would make it so i wouldn't get dead rows like in previous mlr's. you can remove the 's rowfix' object in time.maxpat (cmd-f search for rowfix) and just use the standard rowfix button if you want. i have it in there but u need to add it to presentation.

    i'm still experimenting with it, but as long as i press the two buttons quickly, it inner loops.

  • I brought rowfix into presentatation it helps but the rows fail quite often for me today i wonder if its becuase im using the manual rowfix and theres an auto rowfix running in the background if i understood you correctly

    The inner loop works though

  • i'm happy to take a look at serialosc version - prob not have time until week after next tho...

    btw, just an aside, and something I think is going to become more of an issue over time (I'm currently trying to figure out who's area this is, Ableton of C74), but floating windows do not scale with Live... Thus, if you have a hi-res screen and use internal Live scaling then the floating window is pretty unusable - I think this is a general problem rather than something specific to this patch, and hopefully one or other of them can address this moving forward...

  • @amerryprankster
    there's really no point in using the manual rowfix unless you disconnect the auto rowfix because if you do get a dead row, by the time you press the rowfix button, the auto-rowfix will have already triggered and fixed it.

    ps- be sure to stop, then start live's transport after loading mlr on a track. the monome may be completely unresponsive until you do.

  • @elquinto thanks for the advise i edited the auto not to start and i kinda found i had less dead rows but either way this app is awesome for making loops in live and mlr

  • i really need to figure out a way around the dead row issue. seems like every mlr has this problem (except mlrv). the rowfix button is a pretty poor solution. wish i knew how mlrv did it.

  • been working a lot on this the past couple days. i have it compatible with serialosc now and have also implemented some new features. it now has per row volume, pan, send a-d, one-shot mode as well as a few other minor tweaks. here's a sneak peek.

    will post a finalized version in a few days

  • Looking forward to checking this out. Have only been using the Monome via the White Whale, excited to explore the software side with Live

  • @elquinto Awesome man cant wait to try it out

  • improved the interface a bit and got slice mode in there. i'm open to any last minute suggestions. pretty much all i have to do at this point is add midi-in/out.

  • would it be possible to have a bigger buffer for recording?
    that's one of the things i really miss in mlr. i usually set live's clock to half tempo cause i need at least 32 bars.....

    another thing (or two):
    -slice/normal-mlr mode per row.
    this would be great to play drums (slice mode) over an ongoing melody-loop.
    or is it already there (seems like it is, looking at the screenshot) ???

    -midi-mapable reverse/octave-settings?

    ps: clicking on the 'next preset' button skips one preset (1->3->5->7....).
    seems like it's receiving on/off clicks (mouse pressed/released) as separate clicks.
    not sure how this acts with midi-mapping (sorry, haven't tried yet) ....

  • one more:

    is this version correctly re-syncing to live after hitting transport-stop (space-bar) and starting live's transport again?
    no other m4l version of mlr can do that and it's annoying as hell when doing live recording....

  • @trppng
    not sure about the record buffer honestly. i'll try to look into it.

    yes, slice mode. one-shot mode too!

    i added midi-mappable octave+-/reverse 'all' buttons. i'll try to make the individual ones mappable too.

    fixed the preset button issue.

    improved host-sync and timing

    most awesome feature of this mod is the per row send settings. they control the ableton sends on your 6 groups/tracks (in multi-channel mode). kinda hard to explain, but its insane. seriously.

  • Thanks so much.

    What you write would be killah!!!
    Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Seriously, if mlr would properly re-sync after live's transport is stopped & restarted, that would save me so much time.

    [Insane request:]
    Once there was this mlrv4live version that was able to automaticly load the selected/playing clip from live into mlrv by the push of one button ...
    [/done dreaming]

  • im ready i got the day off lets get busy on this bad boy!! : )

  • would it be possible to get a 'preroll' for the record-buffer, that the recording starts on the next 1 and not immediately after pushing 'go' ?

    and maybe these are redundant:
    9-12 (with both mods held) erase pattern (even if pattern is stopped)
    as you can erase patterns without holding both mods.
    It would be great to get a 'next buffer', 'previous buffer', 'go' for recording instead
    (or instead of the 'pattern overdub').

    But maybe that's just me....

  • @trppng
    Eventually i want to add a pre-roll option, but thats a bit over my head atm. the function "9-12 (with both mods held) erase pattern (even if pattern is stopped)" --i don't really find that to be necessary either, so if its not too difficult i'll replace it with the record stuff. (little tip- grab an old junky computer keyboard, rip out most of the keys, and use it as a footswitch for recording. (using ableton key mapping) its what i do :)

  • great, thanks!

    i use a midi-mapped footcontroller to record in mlr when playing giuitar, but when doing synth/keys i still like to use the grid for recording as my midi-footboard's position is not great to reach when sitting down to do keys....

  • @trppng
    i figured out of a way to do pre-roll. got it in there tonight and it works really well. does 1/2, 1, or 2 bars sound okay? also got the top row record functions in. increased the buffer limit too.


  • This sounds promising !

  • what will come out first, this or Max7.

    popping some kernels right now

  • Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa!!!!!
    Great stuff, can't wait !!!!

  • max7 is out

    that is all

  • errr.... wut? i released the new mlr over a month ago...