soon to be old- redux


    notable features-
    new actions recordable by pattern recorders, including inner loops, group stop, group mute, octave and reverse. ability to recall and overdub patterns.

    new row settings- volume, panning, one shot mode, slice mode, sends and macros.

    multichannel out- in multichannel mode, the row send/macro settings control the corresponding tracks's first 4 sends and 8 macros. these settings are also saved with presets, and give you incredible control over your effects. for example side-chaining/reverb/delay can be controlled on a per-sample/per-preset level.

    midi in-out for recording press data. edit press data after the fact and send it back to the app. or u can use the midi-out to send the midi to your vj software. (or whatever u want really)

    top row controls optimized for 128/256

  • Thank you very much:)

    I can't connect my monome to this app somehow.
    I use serialosc but nothing appear to the serialosc device box .
    (I don't know how to call i post picture here.)
    I can use serialosc with maxMSPruntime but not this one.
    Can you help me to set up?

    By the way.
    (holding a button, then pressing a button to the left on the row now triggers group stop.)
    This is such a great idea!! this action caused to crash mlr with Max runtime every time.

    I would like to rock with this app soon:)
    Thank you again.

  • i just uploaded a version 1.01 which removes zeroconf dependency. let me know if it works.

  • Thank you again!!:)
    This is great !it won't crash:)
    It works fine:)

    is there way to send stereo signals to multi output ?
    it's panned to left .

    1-6 (with mod 1 held) decrease volume for group 1-6
    1-6 (with mod 2 held) increase volume for group 1-6

    I just found out that these doesn't work.

  • is it really? try reloading the redux.amxd into your rack. maybe the pan settings weren't initialized properly? i don't experience that here.

  • fixed volume modifiers in v1.02

  • sorry for late.
    Thank you for the volumes.:)
    it works now .

    for the panning .
    I guess i found out that there is pan section and it's always all of them line up to the left side at first load but after reloading it will move to the middle.

  • ok, i fixed the panning issue. uploaded 1.03. thanks for the bug reports hiko.

  • You're welcome:)
    I really have to say thank you too you. I almost give up using mlr recently .
    but you really helped to me to go back to start using it:)

    One more thing .
    when I use multi-channel mode ,I notice that beats doesn't match together when they are different numbers in different group.
    sorry it's hard to explain with my english.
    i post picture here...
    Group 1(0.943) with group 2(0.938) and group 3 (0.938) with group 4(1.230) they don't go together in multi-channel mode.

    This is great app though:)
    Thank you again:)

  • i got what you're saying. it has something to do with the outputs not being loaded at the same time. if you highlight all your output tracks, drag into your browser to save as a preset, you can then use that to load all outputs at once and they will be in sync. i uploaded 1.05, which includes a 'Groups.als' preset file for loading your outputs. more fixes- input thru now works in multitrack mode and also fixed the top row master send button not working.

  • Thank you elquinto.
    Yes ,after I did your way and it's all syncing now.:)
    Is this _repeat v1,05 for Max MSP runtime?

  • sorry, i uploaded the wrong file. fixed. :)

  • thank you again .
    I like send button a lot. :)

  • also just thought i'd mention if you load a Live Set containing redux and the multitrack outputs, the multitrack outputs will also load slightly out of sync. the easiest way to fix this is to highlight all the output tracks, delete, then undo.

    i think this is a bug with ableton and the plugsend~ object, not the app.

  • I was trying to find easy way and i didn't think about delete ,undo thing.
    thank you for making this App and great tips.
    I have a gig next Saturday . I will definitely use this one.:)

  • i thought up a workaround for the multi-out sync issue and it should be fixed in 1.06.

    make sure to delete the Groups.als (or any other .als you made yourself for the groups) since it'll load the old output.amxd files.

  • awesome, this is really cool. thank you.

    a few things:
    -every now and then a row will just turn off, particularly when i've set up an internal loop. doesn't appear to be predictable. i'll just setup a loop and then within maybe 3-10 iterations the row will stop itself.
    -any chance you'd find time to make a 64 version of the top controls? apparently i'm still in the dark ages...

  • i noticed that today too actually. had a couple loops going, stepped outside 5 min and when i came back only one was still going. i think i know what might be causing this and working on a fix.

    eventually i'll try to find a way to make a 64/128v option within the app so that i'm not maintaining 2 versions. in the meantime, the instructions for modifying the controls (w/ screenshots) can be found here-

  • @elqunto
    Thank you .I will delete old folders now.:)
    and yes it will be great that if monome 64 can control vol,filter and effect.
    (also with tilt function:))

  • for 64 vol/effect control i'd suggest using insanity and u can map everything using ableton's midi learn.

  • Wow thank you very much.
    You saved my life:)

  • what is this insanity you speak of?

  • insanity the app.

  • looks pretty solid but is there a way to load old sets ive made, so far it only loads the samples but doesnt put them on any rows and doesnt define any groups

    i actually cant get it to recall sets i create with redux either recalls the first 3 rows samples and recalls all groups but doesnt put any samples in the rows

  • just uploaded 1.08. now you can click on the number to the left of a row to switch to it in the detail view.

    thanks, i'll look into it.

  • Thank you for the updating :)@elquinto.

  • there were some issues with using the live.button object and had to replace them all with live.text. (all the midi-learnable buttons). 1.09 is up.

    hey, i spent a couple hours trying to figure out how i can make it load old presets, but i'm sorry to say i couldn't make it work. if anyone more knowledgable coulde give some pointers i'd really appreciate it.

  • i'm going to focus on the saving/loading sets and see whats going on

  • @elquinto hmm thats very strange thank you for taking the time to look into it, but i cant make new sets either doesnt load the samples into rows at the moment
    im sure youll figure it out it runs amazingly smooth and doesnt hangup so it looks promising

    Great work all around and thank you!

  • i've been noticing when i change presets i'll hear popping/crackling sounds if i move through them quickly, sometimes even slowly. this has got to be because of all the macros i added because i don't get this problem without them. i'm considering removing the 8 macro control feature completely. (seems like overkill anyways to me) does anyone else have this issue?

  • @elquinto
    Yes I hear popping/cracking when I move through presets.
    I don't have that issue but I notice that I can not use input_1.
    It will over write by another sample when I switch presets.
    (I can use input_2 to input_8 so it's not big problem to me)

  • i hear it when you you have it connected to button on the monome i dont hear a popping sound if i connect it to midi keyboard shortcut like "{ , }"

  • @amerryprankster
    i seem to be hearing them either way

    i threw the eight macro feature in there because i figured out how to do the sends and thought, why not macros too?……. i hadn't really tested it out much, beyond just making sure it was working. well now it seems thats just too much data to store and recall in the presets.

    i think i have an idea though- i can make a switch on the output objects that will let the send data instead go to the macros. this way if you want macro control (first 4 macros) on a track you can.

    i checked out the set-loading issue(sets u create in redux). and it appears to be working now. i'll upload v1.10 with those fixes tonight.

  • 1.10 has some pretty major interface tweaks. let me know what y'all think, its not final. removed 8 macros as it was just too much. u can use the macro switch on the outputs for macro control instead of send control. saving/loading sets seems to be working fine.

    uploaded now

    edit- the occasional crackling when changing presets remains. working on that...

  • its saving the new presets...but im a bit baffled as every other version of mlr uses these same document files to save them and they all recall the old sets except for mlrv which uses the json. Even the first mod of mlr you made would load my old presets

    that all aside
    looks good though and thank you elquinto

  • This is great!! Thank you.
    I like new interface,bigger text helps to see samples easily and most of stuff are mappable:)
    I use insanity app with 7 utility effect from Ableton to emulate volume fader like mlr_AUX.i wish I can find out using tilt function with insanity though.

  • Hey so i figured out a way to have no crackle when changing presets, even with the macros, so pretend 1.10 never happened.

    I need suggestions on the interface though. Would u rather have a "detail" window with tabs like before, or all the knobs directly on the window like in 1.10? (With macros too that would be a shitload of knobs)

  • Yes!!
    i would like to see them in detail window if there will be 14 knobs on the interface.
    I like 1.10 layout somehow.
    (bigger text with 6knobs:)

  • @elquinto ...check your messages sir

  • uploaded 1.11 . fixed popping sounds while changing presets. saving/loading sets fixed too.

  • thanks for this elquinto, this is my dream version of mlr, with pattern recording of group stops and reverse.

    I've made a little modification of my own where I have the bottom 8 buttons of my launchpad act as buttons 9-16 on a 128. So there's still 6 groups, 4 pattern recorders, and full use of mod functions....if anyone's interested, and elquinto doesn't mind.

  • ^ what he said:
    Thanks for larger recording buffer & pattern recorder recording everything.

  • @james
    sounds cool man. i don't mind at all.

    glad u guys like it.

  • 1.13 is up. -fixed issue where when u resampled, the resulting audio was always slightly quieter than what u recorded.

  • @elquinto thanks for makin the lite version to load old mlr sets very much appreciated

  • @elquinto
    Thank you for updating.:)
    I notice that oct-/+ and rev acts immediately this time.
    but v1.15 is so good.
    This mlr is very powerful!!
    I'm having fun with it:)

  • uploading 1.16 now. fixed immediate oct.+-

  • haven't unpacked my laptop from moving but I have to thank you immensely for being so on top of this and can't wait to try it!!!

  • I had success with gig (nearly hour set) using redux 1.18 tonight.:)
    thank you for this app and these updates.
    i had my ableton crash today and says 'serious error occurred' when i load my set .
    Does any one have this issue?
    (it's seems like on and off ,it happens sometimes.)

  • @elquinto i seem to be able to use your serial osc redux lite but some of the rows cut out when you start pressing more and more buttons..... im still experiencing button drop outs and then i have to wait for a complete cycle then the buttons start working, and that happens alot for me

    what version of max / m4l version was this made in 5.1.9 or 6

  • @amerryprankter
    i've made a bunch of improvements since i posted that, so those issues might already be fixed on v1.19.

    getting redux to load old mlr sets is actually super simple. if you're willing to jump into the max editor, pm me and i'll explain how.

    i haven't had that error. if it continues to happen you can send me your set and i'll look into it. congrats on the successful gig. :)