new aleph update 141106

  • Bees 0.6.0

    new and updated OPs:
    - OP WW: white whale sequencer for aleph
    - op ARC: provides basic arc support
    - op ENC: encoders takes VALUE input and sends DELTA output
    - op SERIAL: send serial data to a computer
    - op HID: read HID bytes from connected devices(eg. shnth, manta, gamepad)
    - op FADE: mix between two input parameters. accompanies OP dev guide
    - op DIVR: provides DIV and MOD functionality (divide w/ remainder)
    - OP MP: led optimization (matches eurorack)

    - monome grid startup & size detection improved
    - screen OPs now auto-initialize on scene load / startup
    - display updates and graphics bug fixes
    - routing bug fixes (functional and visual)
    - numerous crash conditions fixed

    Bees op dev guide
    - programming 'operators' for Bees
    - toolchain setup & file structure outlines

    standalone app dev guide
    - build your own specialized app to take the place of Bees
    - full example program called 'mix' with extensive code comments
    - toolchain setup & file structure

    dsp dev guide
    - creating DSP modules for use with Bees or standalone apps
    - toolchain setup & file structure
    - walkthroughs on adding parameters and using the DSP class library

  • Shweet, You guys are cranking away on awesome stuff!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


  • holy shit, this looks amazing. thank you!

  • fabulous - thanks!

  • I'm still curious about the second edition.

  • there is no current schedule for a next edition as demand needs to be substantially higher.

  • Looks awesome! Thanks for the hard work.
    Any comments on compatibility of old patches with version 0.6.0?

  • compatibility should be fine, and so far no problems, let us know if you find any.

  • Thanks. Will try some things over the weekend and report back if I find anything strange.

  • oh, i guess for the sake of completeness i should say that any patches using the encoder "wrap" mode input, and "wrap amount" output, will no longer work as expected, because those have been replaced by "value" and "delta." (the behavior is now "always saturating.") but i doubt anyone was really using those.

  • excellence. thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • Great !!!

  • i don't even know where to start

    the arc is such a natural fit for some functions...i tried connecting the VAL and DELTA to various params in THIS (waves scene) and its doing all kinds of wonderful things

    usb hub support cant come soon enough because now i'm drooling over possibilities with grid & arc pushing MP & WW

  • there is always hope @tehn so i'm looking forward to joining aleph finally.

  • Whoa. Thanks for this.

  • I know it will be a year before I can even think about getting an aleph without selling other gear but I love to program I wish I was able to make and share aleph scenes/programs

    shnth+aleph will be a killer rig
    it almost makes me consider selling my cocoquantus2 to get my hands on an aleph
    I'm fairly sure all the things I love about the CQ should be fairly doable on the aleph

  • curious if anyone here's had a chance to look through the development guides and has any thoughts? anybody try to setup the toolchain? need more guidance on that front?

  • @galapagoose looked thru it all but havent tried setting up the toolchain yet

    bumping to see if anybody else has thoughts

  • I've looked at mix.c a bit; I'm reading _The audio programming book_; I'm probably not going to dive in until I'm finished with the Coursera course on audio signal processing (and an edX course on functional programming using Haskell....)

    (I wonder if I need to update the dev environment at -- if anyone's using it and is having problems, please let me know.)

  • hey bens. i had written a brief tutorial on using that in osx but ended up removing it from the instructions as it seemed easier to just go barebones. that being said i was using it for a while and after i figured out how the file sharing directories worked it was great!

    will think about where to add that info back up there...

  • hey, looking forward to playing around with the new functions!

    but having a bit of an issue now - updated the bees 0.6.0 as usual, restarts fine, but seems to be stuck at "waiting for the DSP init..."

    any clues?

  • I got that a few times. I reinstalled and it started booting as normal, maybe try that?

  • hold SW0 while booting to clean boot. then load your scene. also SD cards get corrupted, try erasing and re-copying your card.

  • thanks for reply! yeah it corrupted one of the SD's... cant format it on any comp now except a digital camera. tried reformatting etc a few times and flashing with 0.6.0 a few times but still no dice. rolled back to 0.5.4, working fine - out of ideas except to wait for a new rollout :)

  • it's funny, I've had tons of card corruption issues with 0.5.5, but everything is smooth so far in 0.6.0

  • wait... shouldn't the switches have been labeled SW0-3 instead of SW1-4

    just saying ;)

  • @analogue01
    re: SW
    it has not been consistent. even on the front page of the diagram and description don't agree. so i interpreted the request for arbitrary op labels in what i can only assume is the most obvious way. it takes 1 minute to change it to either indexing basis and it doesn't bother me either way. the relevant statements begin at line 746 here:

    @prms, all
    re: cards
    there have been absolutely no changes to flash media drivers, or indeed anything of note in the avr32 library layer. so i can't think of a way to blame the bees version, unless it is simply the larger hex file hitting dead media sectors that the old one doesn't hit. i'm more curious what versions of modules and .dsc files you are using. if you could send me a .zip of the entire contents of the sdcard directory structure i might have an idea. also i would try a different physical sdcard.

    i've said this before, but really think card corruption issues are closely tied to physical properties of card reader itself (which doesn't lock the card in place) and to on-card firmware, which can all over the place in terms of speed and reliability. wrong bits here and there tend not to matter in media files or formats with lots of redundancy. but raw firmware is much more delicate.

    it's a problem that i don't know how to address in aleph firmware except to add extra delays here and there in save and shutdown routines.

    at least the avr32 bootloader uses .hex and compares record checksums. the bfin firmware and descriptors don't have this, which is why i would look at those first.

  • honestly i was too fast in blaming bees, it's probably my sd card reader that keeps corrupting my card

  • only real bug for me so far is in the preset page menu if you choose anything except store, clear for example, the menu disappears and never reappears until i restart the aleph

  • thanks, yeah cards are an independent issue for sure. still no luck with any flashing of firmware.

  • Just getting to installing this now. What is the process for getting it all loaded? I copy everything to the card, toss it in the aleph and boot holding the little square guy but there's no hex file now? Where do the scenes go? Seems more confusing than last time...

  • did you double click the copy-command file in the folder you downloaded? that should move everything to the card automatically

    if you've got scenes you've already made yourself you can copy them into the folder data/bees/scenes

    I usually copy them FROM the card before i do any updating so that I have a backup on my computer

  • @duncan_speakman No. Am I downloading the right file? Of course I'm not. Damn it. Thank you. All set.

  • In my defense, my wife is watching You've Got Mail right now and it is totally awesome and distracting.

  • my question responded just above.....

  • ....I can't upgrade bees. I download the Is it the right file? What should be done then? noobish issue, I know.

  • the "latest" link got confused with the release of beekeep.

    go here:

    and things will make sense