new nw2s::b app - Conway's game of life

  • Hey everybody, I'm working on a new app for the nw2s::b eurorack module to be used with the grid that implements the Conway's Game of Life with some additions allowing you to control it with the grid and use it as a modulation and trigger source. The beta version is available online in the 1.1 nw2s::b firmware. More info can be found here:

    Tutorial videos:

    Here is a quick and dirty demo:

    Using the sketch to trigger music box samples via Alesis Trigger IO:

    Feedback / ideas are welcome and very much appreciated!

    edit: added more videos

  • thanks Raja, glad to hear that, it was really just something I quickly threw together to show the modulations provided by the sketch, easier when you can hear them...

    i do love CL stuff too, so i am influenced by Peter's approach to sound which probably shows... one of these days I'll have a PB hopefully! (and a Coco, again). just recently got a custom Sidrassi too, loving it.

    here is another video from last night, this one shows using control voltage and triggers to control the game itself, and some of them come from the ::b so in essence it's the Game of Life modulating itself:

  • yeah you need to get the squishable working w/ the ::b

  • @gli you mean the Meng Qi squishable? that one probably not but shnth for sure, that's actually very doable. It's definitely on my list of things to look into soon (unless Scott gets to implementing HID host layer first which I'm kinda hoping for as it'll make it easier to add support for shnth ;)

  • nice

    i was thinking the custom sid you mentioned was by mengqi

    shnth support would be rad

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser - ah, you edited it already! :-)

    yeah, it's really cool once you influence automata with itself, most of the video it plays by itself, i just gently nudge it here and there when it gets stuck. and the tempo itself is modulated by the sketch. actually that also reminds me of Plumbutter, the non linear beat.

  • @gli - yeah, that one has all the usual Sid CV outputs plus some more and I could patch the pressure / release CVs into the ::b too, I should try that!

    what would be really cool is a standalone CL controller, kinda like shnth or the new passive barre controller but with both CV outs and HID over USB...

  • "a standalone CL controller, kinda like shnth or the new passive barre controller but with both CV outs and HID over USB..."


    if i can wrap my head around it i'll try something similar w/the new HID op
    [ shnth HID > aleph CV out > ??? ]

  • oh cool, there is a HID op for aleph now? from what i understand once you get HID working it should be pretty straightforward to support shnth. there is some scattered info in this thread:

  • so good! wonder how hard this would be to port to the white whale...

  • i might be able to do that at some point, i need to look at the firmware and see how steep the learning curve will be for the WW platform.

    you'd miss the most fun of it though, the CV control. still, certain things could be ported, i could try using tilt for shifting and a special button press to generate a new random colony, and it could have a config page that would allow you to choose between different predefined rules or define your own.

  • @gli - just realized i misread your comment, i don't have the Meng Qi squishable (which looks awesome and very tempting), i've got a one off custom Sidrassi he custom built for somebody else, you can see it here:

  • ah

    i misremembered...beautiful nonetheless