any arthur russel fans on board?

  • i'm back listening to a lot of arthur russell stuff lately..
    anyone else? if yes, does anyone have his "instrumentals"?

    much love

  • just got world of echos vinyl while in montreal! seriously amazing to hear again.

  • I came to Arthur Russell through this track:

  • yeah, @tehn! world of echoes is a great one! i'm also in love with "another thought"!
    i'll try to get his "instrumentals" from somewhere.. the songs i know are very promising!!

    i stumbled over him a few years ago in a recordstore, lol. and i was like "that dudes makes some ill stuff". haven't bought the record, don't ask me why, haha.. then i talked to a good friend and he was like "of course i know arthur russell!", he showed me a lot, i fell in love with his music. yup, that's the story.
    after i did a research i realized that arthur russell was a big influence for many musicians.

    oh, and if you guys dont know yet:

    great documentary

  • My copy of the soul jazz comp from a while back is pretty worn out at this point. Top drawer music!

  • Just realised this is guy is the author of this track not leaving my head for quite some time now (via Nicolas Jaar's Essential Mix)

    Instrumentals sounds great! Thanks for pointing in his direction.

  • oh thats a great one! thanks for sharing!

  • Yes! "Losing My Taste for the Nightlife" is one of my favorite songs. I always liked his spare cello/delay stuff best.