HID in bees networks

  • does the monome team have advice on how to integrate HID devices? how can i tell which byte to monitor? how can i connect params & presets to specific buttons?

    [ i'm currently reading up about HID, bits, and bytes but any help from ya'll is appreciated ]

  • it completely depends what device you are using. probably best discovered by experimentation i'm afraid - at least the operator makes this easy by allowing you to dynamically scrub around between bytes.

    on linux/mac, the 'hexdump' command is worth studying. for example i can use this to look at the raw data coming from connected standard mouse devices, which have 3 bytes per report (buttons, X, Y):

    sudo cat /dev/input/mice | hexdump -v -e '"%010_ad : " 3/1 "%02X " "\n"'

    other devices could have alot more bytes per report. right now the aleph hid driver can only deal with 32B packets, so maybe not useful for e.g. full-size keyboards. this is due to the internal event handler strcutre, but we could devise a workaround if necessary.

    again on linux/(and mac? not sure) you will need to know which stream in /dev/* is used by a particular device. one way is to examine the output of:
    cat /proc/bus/input/devices

    hope this helps... i can help with specific device information (shnth, etc) when i get back from this weekend trip.

  • cool i'll try again w/ mouse and shnth

    i didnt spend much time on it but figured i'd just have to cycle thru all the bytes