Project: 128 kit + aluminum housing + case

  • Heya,

    This is a fix up project if your interested that consist of:
    kit components of mk logic; mk driver (2); mk keypad (2) bought in late 2011.
    + aluminium house for the 128
    + handmade protector

    It is a pre assembled monome kit, working condition but hasn’t been used for over a year. There are some small issues to fix prior to use:
    - Light stays on one button, but it is still responsive and can be used as normal (see image of monome test)
    - The buttons have low sensitivity and need to be cleaned and resoldered.
    Because of these issues the price has been dropped and isn’t suitable for those looking for immediate use (and why it is advertised as a kit ‘project’).
    Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment or time to fix it and think it deserves some more lovin’ than what it is getting.

    I’m asking $AUD500 + I’ll cover shipping from Australia.
    PM me, Take care

  • In light of the new grid kit released last week, my kit seems a little pricey...

    would any body be interested if I lower it to $380 AUD + shipping costs?

  • I have sent you a pm

  • Is this sold??