linux app: candor

  • Hey all!

    Just finished the manual and published source code for a linux monome sampler-sequencer application I've named "candor".
    Essentially a JACK client capable of 48 sample banks, 48 steps, and 8 channels of in/out.

    Might be a few bugs lingering around.. let me know if you find one/many!

    And a hastily prepared demo:

  • amazing

  • oh, wow! it seems to be hardcoded for use with a 256, is it possible to make it work with a 64?

  • Oh this is just at the right time as I have been experimenting with RPi embedded puredata and supercollider running headless... Thank you. Will investigate heavily.

  • Thanks for the positive feedback!
    I've been slowly bringing this program into a user-friendly state (been a couple years :P)

    @aftfwo As of now it is formally 256-only, but you can probably rotate your monome to access each quadrant. I was considering 128 and 64 versions, but while not difficult doing so changes the available functionality quite a lot (since the original intent was to access *everything* from the monome interface). I'd love ideas for reducing features in a way which would allow for smaller monomes but a similar workflow! Would make me feel good to include all the grids.