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  • my new album =

    . first two tracks are up for your streaming pleasure
    . video teaser below
    . preorder the tape for remixes and other goodies

  • Dang! The previews are stunning. @gli would you mind outlining some of the techniques used? Sounds both digital and analogue at once, would love a little insight.

    Also preordered. Really looking forward to the the full release. Top man.

  • Sounds lovely. Pre-ordered. Also interested in the 'how'...

  • the support means a lot, thanks guys!

    @juniortaxi i always blend digital/analogue/hardware/software and my comfort zone is looping/sampling [ but i'm learning about synthesis too ]

    so my approach for this album was to set up "tape games"...different sound sources, filters, and control schemes used to play + record

    as an example one was for monome grid controlling yamah tx7 + sp404 thru an amp and recorded on my phone

    some tracks were based on the same game w/ slight deviations [ like the two previews: sp404 into digital delay into analog reverb into mackie onto cassette...later digitized ]

    if you'd like more specific detail feel free to ask here or pm me

  • @gli This is beautiful. Totally living up to the hype.
    Awaiting my cassette ;)

  • thanks @murray @declutter & @raja

    one last preview . the pebble that started the avalanche

  • sounds great! awaiting the tape.

  • @gli chill sound (great at work) :]

  • anybody else love the bandcamp mobile app?
    now you can stream all the tracks from any device even before buying

    thanks to those who ordered tapes! you should get them soon

    enjoy these ya'll

  • oh cool i'd preordered this but hadn't realised that i can now download it.

  • in! great stuff.