white whale 1.2 update

  • @HateNames just to second the above comment: I think you will be fine for regular use (in terms of the faint noise-like whine, which is not perceptible when you have other things going on), but for critical use: recording and such, just get the ext5V thingy. I did, and am glad, even though I could barely detect the "noise" in my mono rocket to begin with...

  • Thanks for the replies galapagoose and laborcamp. Yeah I wouldn't be so worried about it if my workflow didn't involve lots of varispeed time changes in logic. Shifting an imperceptibly high wine down an octave can put it right there in your face. I'll look into the ext5V thingy, who makes one?

  • the same retailers of monome stuff should have them too. don't forget the module itself requires some 5v too..

  • im trying to figure out how to install the firmware update for the white whale module

    i dont know what the heck is going on with all these terminal commands theyre asking me to do

    can someone here please help out a dude with no experience with terminal and its commands so i can successfully update the firmware

    i would deeply appreciate it

    x 1212

  • it would be easier to help with a specific problem.. where did you struggle?

    i'm asuming you are on osx..

    --edit: the following isn't needed at all
    one thing you need to do that might not be so obvious for beginners is cd (terminal command that means "go to") to the directory you downloaded from github (unzip first).. you can do this by typing cd (followed by a space) and drag and drop the folder from finder afterwards..

  • guys-- you can just double-click the .command file. does that not work? no terminal needed.

  • or are you stuck installing homebrew?

  • sorry, my bad! (hope I didn't scare anyone :P)

  • the utility dfu programmer, first of all I dont know if I have that or not most likely i dont

    but trying to install it via terminal is really challenging for me

    it was mentioning something about $paths and then i dont have USBlib or something like that

    what are the steps for update in laymen's terms (go here, click here, etc)

    also my led covers on numbers 5 & 7 of the meadowphysics module fell out, this shouldnt happen right?


    x 1212

  • I think a quick vid tutorial would help the noobs. I'm still waiting for my dang cable...must be lost in the mail.

  • mos def would help! i have the cable, just not the knowledge =- )

  • the LED pipes can occasionally be fiddly. you can press-fit them back in if they've loosened. e-mail info@monome.org if you have problems.

    homebrew installation tutorial, can do.

  • first picture is what my terminal says when i tried to install the homebrew

    it says i have to install some command line tools for xcode

    then it says, when i go to the link provided i have to enter my apple id and password, wassup with that?

    then when i try to download the xcode deal it says i need to upgrade my OSX version to Yosemite in order to use them

    so i say eff that, how do i know the DAWs i use are gonna be working ok in those newer versions of OSX

    then i try and just execute the flash command in the white whale 1.2 update to fix my frozen leds on the bottom row issue (thinking maybe the update may be the issue) then terminal tells me the second picture

    and im using the cable in the last picture (is it the right one?)

    so, from what you can see, what am i missing/what do i need to do? in order to fix all this and get things running smooth

    x 1212

  • I just updated one of my White Whales. Instructions were pretty clear I thought. I had homebrew and Xcode installed already from other activities.

    OneTwo, have you tried the step 'brew install gcc'? then the dfu.programmer

  • I've been running into some sort of glitch in series mode. Sometimes when I try to set the end point of a series it doesn't work and about 30 seconds later the whole sequence stops running and all the LEDs on the grid go off. I have to power down and power on my eurorack to get it going again.

  • is the play point simply playing beyond the end point? this should wrap gracefully, but i'll check.

  • Yes, it seems to be playing beyond the series end point, but when it starts doing it I can't reset the start point or end point and that is when it seems to go into some sort of problem and shuts down.

  • @tehn what is the max series length? is it 16.

  • 64.

    i'll investigate this condition

  • Can someone explain the gate length settings to me...I'm still not finding the right button combos.

  • hey guys, modular noob right here!
    i'm planning to get a white whale together with a couple of modules to get an eurorack system started from scratch. i just read that an "ext 5v thingy" is required to remove the led whine… can someone please explain why do i need it? wouldn't the row power module (plus flying bus cables) be enough?
    again sorry for what i imagine to be a very dumb question :D

  • noise is not noticeable with my row power, but is on many other systems. it makes sense to separate the grid power entirely because it's very digital/noisy and will affect the ground depending on the power configuration (ie, ribbons vs star-pattern bus board.)

    the ext5v price has been reduced to $32. if your retailer hasn't reduced the price, e-mail and ask them.

  • ok, thanks!
    i'll see what happens once i have the module in place.

  • I've spent several hours in the last few days trying to find the gates feature, this was implemented right? Can someone which buttons and how to make extended gates? Pretty please.

  • from the manual: "hold [alt] and press the top row trigger section to toggle gate mode on/off. there is no visual indication."

    toggle to turn on an off.

    i'm attempting to write a new instruction doc/cheat sheet for the WW. if it turns into something i think is useful, i'll post it here.

  • In gate mode can I extend a note? Like a tie or extend it over a few steps.

  • adjacent steps that are "on" will join to form a "gate" pulse of that duration. the cv notes happen independently on cv a and b.

    you dig? you'd need to match your cv a or b steps to the gate pulse.

    so have a gate like so:

    trig row: [][][-][-][-][-][][]
    cv a row:[][][-][x][x][x][][]

    where x is a step mute and - is an active step.

    i think.

  • Thanks for the help oootini, I'll try that.

  • So figured it out. It toggles all the tracks as either a Trig signal or Gate hold. That's what was confusing me I wanted to have track 2 or 4 or whatever be gates and the others trigs. And then having some control over gate length like half, 3/4 or full step. It's always a full step in gate mode. I was able to setup some legato with it.

  • I agree that it would be great if you can define the trigger/gate functionality on a track-by-track basis as opposed to ALL triggers or ALL gates... would make the module even more flexible!
    But, I am just happy that gate option is there at all...

  • Regardign the A-A usb cable -- Are these the right type, and which of these would work best:



    Just to confirm, these are the correct windowsPC update instructions?

    1. install dfu-programmer
    2. download firmware, unzip
    3. open a command line, go to firmware folder
    4. paste:

    dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 erase
    dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 flash whitewhale.hex --suppress-bootloader-mem
    dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 start

  • is there a single cv map mode menu in the lower half of the grid for cv a and cv b together, or a distinct menu for each?

  • @polyoptics: those are good, and yes that should work.

    @ootini: map mode is per CV channel, independently

  • edit: the "scale" is the same for both CV channels in map mode, though.

  • which is actually very helpful!

  • yes. muscle memory is slowly working it's way down to the finer details...

  • Excited about this!

  • I am still perplexed by the map... could use a thorough

  • I'm in the same boat. but to be fair, need to spend more time on that page..

  • ah, i've been promising a map mode tutorial for months. we will do that. priority.

  • Trouble updating on windows7 --

    The dfu-programmer readme says:
    "The Windows executable does not need any installation or setup. Just
    extract the executable and run it."

    However, when I run the executable I get an error pop up that says:
    "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application"

    I am using the files from:

    Any suggestions?

  • unfortunately, no. that's a really uninformative error message.

    if you'd like to ship it to me i'll flash it. or if you're closer to portland, i know jason at control voltage has the setup. e-mail info@monome.org

  • Thanks Tehn, I will def take you up on that, if I can't figure this out!

  • A while back you guys mentioned the possibility of 256 support? Is this still on the table?

  • Edit problem solved.

  • Anyone using non varibright with the euro stuff? Do you really miss anything UI wise that the vari ones have? There are good prices on second hand 128s out there...

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser Wow, interesting thanks! -- I did a little checking around and it seems like there are 64bit and 32bit versions of some of those DLLs, I'm not sure which to grab or what the repercussions there may be for overwriting them. =/

    Thanks for the information, its definitely got me digging around again to try and figure this out. Any other tips would be fantastic!

  • @ootini i use ww with a non-variB. Is it an enjoyable experience? Absolutely yes!! Do I miss something? How would I know?! =)
    I asked myself this question several times an still don't know the answer since I have no idea what's going on on the VB.. It's possible I wouldn't wanna let it go if had one... But until then I'm very fine without ;)

    It's specially tempting to make the change with the current kit offer. For me it's basically: Wood or VB? (can't afford both)

    I'm very curious too what others have to say who got to play with both..

  • for me, the vb is essential. many levels next. the user experience is designed for vb.

    but try it first, if you can? our retailers should all have demo units if you live near them.